Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Weigh-in and Recap (#103)

Well ... last weekend was AWFUL for food/fitness. It was the Fourth of July holiday, so there were family celebrations and such. A new high on the weight there Monday morning, but then I did get motivated enough to control calories, for a few days anyway. NUMBERS: Friday weigh-in weight was down 1.4 pounds from last week, but the average actually went up .79 (to 164.63). Average in was 2390, average daily burn was 2690 ... crunching the numbers, I ended up with a calorie overage for the week of 570.

Starting Monday, I did have some good calorie control days. Monday at 1600, Tuesday at 1750, Wednesday up to 2000, and then over on Thursday, right before weigh-in. But the weekend before those days was SO bad, even those under 2000 days couldn't balance things out.  I did pretty good with exercise this week. My usual Zumba and elliptical, plus I got in several sessions on the bike, and I did do some weights.

Here's a quick look back at the week ...

  • Friday: Hubs had the day off and wanted to take the kids waverunning. I was in an emotional funk that day. I really wasn't up to going (the long drive, the crowds, the sun, a swimsuit) so I stayed home, fetal position in bed most of the day, but still managed to consume a ton of calories.
  • Saturday: 4th of July holiday. Hubs suggested breakfast out, so we went. Had a family party in the evening, so there was overeating.
  • Sunday: Still got in a bit of elliptical today. Had a family party with my side of the clan.
  • Monday: Good day ... controlled calories and got in a lot of activity.
  • Tuesday: Pretty good day ... kept calories in check, got in my Zumba, elliptical, bike and weights. Hubs final packing prep, as he's leaving tomorrow for a week long Italian vacation.
  • Wednesday: Hubs was off early. I hit Zumba and did elliptical, but was having trouble feeling motivated. Barely kept calories at 2000. TOM time.
  • Thursday: Zumba in the morning, and evening! Got in elliptical too, but also overate today.

 The boys enjoying the beach on Friday (it was actually SO crowded, the ramps were full and they couldn't put the wave runners in the water).

 Saturday Breakfast (Big Head cutout representing #1 son who is in Mexico)

 Family on the Forth 

So ... this weekend wasn't quite as bad. Maybe I won't start of Monday with quite the deficit from last week. Hopefully I WILL have my Monday motivation. See if I can't control the calories going in. Even if I didn't give up sugar completely, or quit carbs or go Paleo or completely clean. If I just IMPROVED both the quantity and quality, just a little bit, I know I could  see a change. 

Did you know, that this little 10.5oz package of Chex Muddy Buddies is actually TEN servings (130 calories each). Do you know how easy it is to just pick at the package while writing on the computer and consume the entire thing?  It. Is. Easy. Unfortunately. 

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