Friday, July 31, 2015

WWI # 105 - Stuck

These last few weeks, the weigh-ins have been about the same. Small changes up and down but no real movement. I realized I hadn't updated my Weekly-WeighIns for a while (since April) and it was depressing to go enter the numbers from the past few months. To watch the slow but steady gain. Finally hitting the 160s the third week in June, and then a four pound jump the week after that. Then ... stuck. The numbers haven't been going up any more, but they are not going down either.

I did TRY this week, or at least I felt like I did. I upped the exercise. I did control calories ... at least for a few of the days (Mon/Tues/Thursday were very good days). Not sure what happened on Wednesday. I went a little crazy. Maybe the closest thing to a binge I've done. I just could not stop myself from eating. So, NUMBERS ... weekly weight was down .3, but the average was up .27. Average daily intake was 2157, and the average daily burn was 2768. This resulted in a deficit of 1285 for the week. Happy it's a deficit, but I need to get it to at least 3500 to match "lose a pound" numbers. Here's a quick recap ...

  • Friday (0724): A holiday here in Utah. Hubs had the day off and took the kids for donuts. I tried to avoid temptation by staying home, but they brought back. You know I wanted them to. Krispy Creme. Yummy. Because I ate donuts I tried not to eat much else. Hubs took the kids to see Pixals. I ended up having popcorn that night as we watched "Chef" at home. Not very motivated today ... just 40min on the elliptical.
  • Saturday (0725): Got in 40min on the elliptical, 30min on the bike, and mowed the lawn.  Hit the grocery store too.  No basketball game this week because of the holiday. . There were some leftover donuts, but not anymore. French Dip for dinner, which I don't really like (I'll sneak a little roast beef) and I actually did keep calories in check at 2000. 
  • Sunday (0726): Hubs headed into work, trying to catch up after his vacation. With him gone, and anticipating a BBQ for dinner, we didn't do our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. I walked to/from church, but that was it for "exercise" (if you can even call it that). Had the inlaws over, with yummy mashed potatoes, rolls, marinated chicken and steak ... with Skookie for dessert. Hard not to go over on calories, especially with low activity.
  • Monday (0727): Ok, ready to get back at it! Started the day with Zumba, got in 40min elliptical, 30min bike and even a little WiiFit. Kept calories in check too. Duckie duty, took the kids to the gym for some basketball time (the pool is closed this week) and #5 had basketball practice in the evening. Monday's we hear from our missionary too (and I update his blog). Kept calories in check at 1400.
  • Tuesday (0728): Happy with the drop in weight after my good day yesterday, motivated me to be good today. Zumba, elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS. It's been a while since I've done them. Again, kept calories in check (1900) even with going with the family to Pretzel Maker in the evening.
  • Wednesday (0729): Didn't sleep well last night, my legs were aching after the workout. Grabbed a Little Debbie Nutty bar before Zumba, and my eating went downhill from there. I just could not stop. I just wanted sugar. It was pretty bad, as I do have a ton of stuff around. Not quite as motivated for fitness either, although I did get in an hour of elliptical in addition to my Zumba. I did have to spend a bit of time shuttling kids around today (#5 had a birthday party, the other boys went to the gym).
  • Thursday (0730): Trying to shake off the uncontrolled eating from yesterday. Zumba in the morning, 40min of elliptical, 30min bike, and then my evening Zumba class. I did my usual stop at Little Caesars on the way home, grabbing some crazy bread. I did have a couple sticks, but I had keep calories in control enough that I was still under 2000 for the day.

Am I just a corn on the cob snob?
I NEVER would have picked the middle corn 
stuck in the middle, out of sight!

Me and kitten ...
STILL working on integrating the two kitties!

 Worms! These are mealworms, and of course they arrived during the day when Hubs wasn't home so I had to deal with them (transfer them from the box into smaller containers with oat bran. This did involve TOUCHING then a bit, luckily the boys helped out). I do NOT like mealworms (treats for the duckies), I'm better with earthworms ... good thing I guess, as the day before these grubs came, I received a package of them and had to prep soil and such for them!

Speaking of the duckies ...

A day or so after I took this video, the boys and I were letting the duckies out of the pen for their evening outdoor time. It was all similar to this ... except when Alex (the biggest one, the male) flew over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Luckily, their dogs weren't out. I was hoping he'd just fly back, but he just sat there looking confused. We had to go into the yard and walk him back to ours. The night after that, he took flight again, making a wide circle in the sky and returning to our backyard (and a rather rough landing, still working on those!). Unsure about what the future holds for our flying feathered friends ...

So, back to the WEIGHT issue. Obviously it's the eating. I know this. I just have NO cravings for "good" food whatsoever. Really. I see healthy eaters post stuff all the time, things they rave about, and for me? It's stuff I'd have to be starving to eat (and I'm just talking normal stuff like smoothies and salads and such, not even any of the "out there" stuff). I admit it. I'm not normal. I've got Eating Issues. I guess what frustrates me is that this is nothing new ... I've been successful in spite of it all, it just doesn't seem to be working anymore. And then I get frustrated and eat ice cream out of the container ...

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