Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shop Your Way Rewards

I've never been a big shopper. I do it when necessary, but it's not something I enjoy. We have both a Kmart and Sears quite close by, but they weren't stores I would frequent. I do now though. Ever since I discovered Fitstudio! Fitstudio is a  rewards program, giving store credit for fitness. I simply linked my Fitbit, and every week ... $5 or more in points. As we all have Fitbits, I got my husband on board, my older boys, my parents. I now stop and shop at least once a week (as the points do have a quick expiration date, use them or lose them). I do enjoy getting deals and steals!

In addition to my fitness points, there will often be sales, coupons, and surprise points. These can often be used together. I ended up shopping enough on my own account, that I went ahead and paid for "MAX" which includes free shipping on many products. Usually this runs $40, but there was a special around Christmas, and I got it for $19. The Max program also adds $3 in points every month, so that definitely made it worth it to me. Anyone who doesn't have a Kmart or Sears around might look into that option. They offer a 3-month trial free as well (no strings!)

As the points do expire quickly, at times I'll have $5 or more waiting, and I know I'm not going to make it into the store. I'll jump online and check out the sales, find something within my points range, have it shipped to the store ... and my entire transaction didn't cost me a penny! I've picked up many t-shirts for myself and the boys. Shoes, shorts, sunglasses, a new basketball, a purse... I've picked up SO many things for little or no cost to me. I prefer the Sears pickup ... they guarantee to have you in and out in five minutes or less, and you can even pick it up without ever having to leave you car!

$5 doesn't sound like a lot ... but often I'll just stop and grab a package of paper towels or toilet paper. You always need those things! The savings really add up. If you watch, sometimes a new $5 will be added right before the previous week's one expires, and you have a little more money to play with. There are also additional ways to add a little more ... daily workouts, posting to FB or Twitter, participating in challenges. A couple of my separate Fitstudio accounts got combined into our main Shop Your Way rewards number ... and that account adds up even faster. 

If you have a Fitbit, or one of the other fitness trackers (Jawbone, BodyMedia, Nike, Moves, Map My Fitness) and a Kmart or Sears close by ... I absolutely recommend this program.  If you don't have a tracker, I believe you can add your workouts manually (it's just a bit more work). 

I'm a little surprised this program isn't more well known. The cashiers at Kmart haven't even been aware of it ... one of the cashiers that checked me out regularly (as I mentioned, I now make weekly trips in) ended up buying a Fitbit JUST to participate in this program, because she saw how much I was saving. 

So every few months, I'll probably jump here on the blog, and do a Thrifty Thursday post and tell you about all the things I've "purchased" for pennies (or nothing) lately using my Shop Your Way Rewards points. I actually feel guilty at times ... ;)

Anyone else enjoying FitStudio?

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