Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In and Recap (#105)

Here in Utah, the week of the 24th is a holiday week. It's our state holiday. That did impact my Zumba for the week, as several of the classes were taking the week off. Happily, I have enough backups that I still hit my Zumba each morning, and I even got one in last Saturday. As I posted on Monday, Hubs did return from his European vacation this week. Just in time for our anniversary. 23 years! Here's a quick recap of the day by day ...

  • Friday (0717): Got in Zumba and elliptical ... and picked up a new kitten! While the Hubs is away, the family will play. He was out of town when we got our first kitty too!
  • Saturday (0718): Went to a Saturday Zumba, it was a great way to start the day. Went to #5's basketball game and got in some elliptical.
  • Sunday (0719): Rest Day.  I did walk to/from church, but that was the only activity for the day.
  • Monday (0720): Nina was back at Southziders! Got in elliptical too. Hubs was supposed to be home late today, but missed his flights and couldn't get another until tomorrow :(
  • Tuesday (0721):  My usual Zumba was taking this week off, but I had a backup. Got in elliptical too. Much overeating today though! And finally, the Hubs is home!
  • Wednesday (0722): Anticipating an anniversary dinner, I didn't eat much during the day. Still got in Zumba, elliptical and bike!
  • Thursday (0723): Hit Zumba in the morning (not my regular, although MZL is one I hit regularly, just not on Thursdays)  and got in elliptical during the day, but not terribly productive as I was playing the "waiting game" wondering when my chauffeur skills would be required (picking up #2's truck at the mechanic and the kids from the gym). 
 The new kitten ... they named her "Joy"

 Out for our anniversary ... #23!

So I did decent as far as fitness. Got in my Zumba, even with cancelled classes. Elliptical everyday, one bike session (no treadmill or weights though). I've been a little unmotivated, my steps have been suffering Food ... wasn't great, per usual. I had two really bad days (Sun&Tues) with big overages, my small deficits on other days weren't enough to make a dent. NUMBERS: Actual weigh-in and the weekly average were both up just a smidgen (.3, .04 respectively). Average intake was a whopping 2450. Average daily burn was 2714. I didn't have a deficit for the week, but was over by 1185.

I'll leave you with a couple video shorts from the week ...
 of kitten fun, and Daddy and his duckies!
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  1. I love it! That hubster goes away and you get a kitten! Perfect! Good job getting in the exercise even amidst the holiday!

  2. Happy anniversary! And what a sweet kitty :)


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