Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Fitbit Family Saga

So last week Hubs was taking the boys out for a bit (Mommy alone time ... ahhhh) when I received a text from Hubs ...

#3's Fitbit Flex ... just the band, without the small Fitbit device in it. I quickly checked the charger in his room, and there it was, with it's little lights a glowing. That's better than being lost, but #3 was bummed about missing out on his steps that morning.

As we are a Fitbit Family,  there is generally enough happening in any given month, that I thought maybe I'd try to make this a monthly installment. Check back, we'll see how that goes.

#3 (my 14-year old) was the last one in the family to get a Fitbit. He didn't really even want one, but I wanted him to have one. He actually wasn't crazy about wearing it. He had a One, clipped to his shorts, and he'd complain that he'd bump it with his hand and it would be uncomfortable. He said he wasn't allowed to wear it during his basketball games (although #2 always wears his, out of sight so no one says a thing). 

When Hubs decided to invest in the Surge, I figured I'd switch out the #3's One for a Flex. He did seem slightly interested in trying the wrist one (originally purchased for #1 son almost a year ago before he decided he'd rather have a clip on version). It's been a pretty good match for him. I even invested in some additional bands (you can get them in a gazillion colors/patterns on Amazon or Ebay) and some of the "protector" bands to keep it on more securely. 

If you read the Surge post, you know Hubs ended up returning it. I had actually passed the One onto the 9-year old (replacing his Zip) and he was NOT about to swap back. He liked the One. So ... Hubs got the Zip. It is actually a good fit for Hubs though. He wasn't wearing it bed to track sleep, didn't really care about stairs, and not having to constantly recharge the battery is a win for him.

I ended up buying another Zip too, because #2 lost his One. He'd been playing basketball in a tournament, and later realized it was missing (the clip was still there, just no One in it, it got sweaty and slipped out).  I told him he should have at least tried using the BTLExplorer app (Fitbit Finder) but alas he had not. I just picked up the least expensive option for him, as it's mainly just steps he's counting as well. 

So that's the family Fitbit saga from the past few months ... #2 and Hubs have achieved the number one spot recently. I'm slipping!

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