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Zumba Stats 2016

This is a post in progress ... updated monthly.

Since I started going to Zumba classes a couple years ago, I've tracked my stats (steps, calorie burn estimate, heart rate, etc.) from the beginning. At first, I'd grab a photo of my Fitbit and Polar, and post the picture on Facebook. Then I started keeping an excel file, and posting the results monthly. For 2016, I just kpet a running blog post, updating it each month.  

I regularly hit four classes a week, Southziders on Monday, Marian's class on Tuesday, MZL on Wednesday and MountainView on Thursday. I'll try to fit in a Friday if I can make it work. I wear the Fitbit ChargeHR and the Fitbit One. This year, I also added the Sosche/Digifit combo for some additional heart rate estimates.

Numbers vary from class to class ... sometimes I don't know the steps, or I'm just not feeling it that day. The length of the class will impact calorie burn and steps too of course. Goals are at least 400 calorie burn on both Fitbits, 7000+ steps in the hour, and TRYING for a HR average of 130+ (this is SO hard, my HR just doesn't seem to bump up). Starting 2016, my all time records for my FitbitCharge is a HR average of 142, and a calorie burn of 591. The Sosche is coming in quite a bit higher on all counts, so it will have it's own set of record setting stats, I'm still on a learning curve with it.

I'll continually update this post,  so although it will look familiar, 
it will have new information added each month.

January 2016
I only hit 14 Zumba classes in January, which was slightly better than December, but not up to my usual activity ... especially considering the whole "new years resolutions" motivation for the month.  I was building myself back up I guess. Two classes the first week, three the next, four the following, and finally the full five for the last week of the month. In addition to my regulars, I was able to hit a couple Fridays, once with Debbie, and once with Nicole. I've highlighted the highs for the month, nothing quite record setting, but some good stats. With the Scosche being new, the January highlighted numbers are the ones to beat ...

February 2016

February is a short month ... even with an extra day this year. Still, I got more classes in than I did in January. 20 in total. With some early morning basketball practices on Fridays, I was able to hit five classes a week a few times this month (with both Debbie and Nicole). No double days. I've highlighted the top stats for the month. Steps beat January's high, as did the ChargeHR calorie estimate (just squeaking in the last, extra day in February).

March 2016

22 classes in March. I did pretty good hitting Friday classes this month (the middle school was out a few times which alleviates the carpool conflict), even doing an hour all on my own one week. No night classes (double days), I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to that. I just don't have the energy in the evenings! I did hit one new high (steps) this month. I love seeing how the stats stack up class to class, month to month!

April 2016
Only 15 hours of Zumba in all of April ... not only was the number of classes wimpy, but so were my stats for many of them! My highs were decent, competitive with the previous months (The ChargeHR is actually a new record). The Scosche high probably WOULD have been on April25 also, except I forgot to charge it. I missed a Monday and a Wednesday ... just because I wasn't feeling up to it those days. I hit one Friday class in April .... on day 1.

May 2016
22 hours/classes/sessions of Zumba in May. That ties for March! I was able to hit a Friday class, a couple of Saturday classes, and even got in a double dose one day (the second hour was just me practicing, but still ...)  Some highs, some lows ... a new "steps" high at 7980. Almost into 8000+ (it does help when the class runs long *Ü*)

June 2016
There was a LOT of dancing in June! Marian, the instructor for my Tuesday classes, was taking the next couple months off. Rather than cancelling and then trying to rebuild the class, she asked if I would sub for summer. As I have the key to the building, and two little boys who love basketball, we've been making tons of trips to the church gym where they can play, and I can practice. It's been great for me to be able to go over the songs and steps and gain confidence as I attempt to teach once a week now. I also hit some Friday and Saturday classes. 21 classes (with instructors/other students), and 14 hours on my own ... a total of 35 Zumba sessions for June! New highs too! Charge HR calorie burn of 522 is a new record (this year anyway). That day also holds this month's highs on "time in cardio zone" and average heart rate, as well as Scosche stats. New all time highs on the One estimated calorie burn (at 571) and 8146 steps ... granted that MZL class did exceed the hour, but still, new records!

July 2016
24 Zumba classes, and 7 hours on my own ... that's 31 Zumba sessions for July. I guess the novelty of going to the church for Zumba Practice/Basketball wore off for both the boys and me, as those practice sessions petered out as the month went on. Interesting to see how the highs in each category happened on different days, in different classes ... I'm still not sure I understand how all these gadgets work, but I love looking at the numbers! I hit several Saturday classes, and made it to a couple classes I hadn't been to before (or it's been a LONG time ... HeatherB, Coriann and Melody/Underground).

August 2016
24 classes for August, again (same as July). I consistently hit my Mon-Fri, and got in one Saturday session. Hit my highs at the start of the month ... I remember that class. It was Marian's, that I was running while she was gone for the summer. I only lead four songs myself, but by planning the playlist, had put my favorites and songs I knew, and was really able to push it that day! The stats sure can vary from day to day and class to class. With the end of August came the start of school, which doesn't impact ME too much ... just Fridays, as with middle school carpool, I can't hit the classes. I was able to do an hour on my own the first Friday kids were back at school. We'll see if I can keep it up!
 September 2016
21 classes for September. Had a Monday off (Labor Day) and while I hit a couple Fridays, they are now mostly a miss. I did try a new Saturday class, but alas, it ended already. I did hit a new high with my ChargeHR calorie estimate ... 549 is now the number to beat there. Some other good numbers, but also some really low stats some days. It can really vary, from a class where I don't know the songs, to my energy (or lack thereof) for the day.

October 2016
October wasn't uber impressive for Zumba. 20 classes. Only hit a 500 calorie burn once with the Fitbit trackers. Only one day with 7000+ steps. I did get in a couple Friday classes though, and even a Saturday session.

November 2016
Not a great November ... not sure if I'm just tired, or a little burned out, or what. Only 16 classes this month. The Thanksgiving weekend really only excused me from Thursdays class. My usual MountainView was taking the week off, but there were others that were still on. If I'd wanted to, I could have hit one. As it was, I took the day before off too (the kids were out of school and I just wasn't feeling it). I didn't hit any Friday classes (middle school's late start conflicts), nor any Saturday ones. My numbers for the ones I went to weren't very impressive either. I highlighted the "highs" even though they weren't that high.

December 2016
Oy, pitiful! I think I just let this year (the slow but steady weight gain, the fatigue and low energy) get to me. Nothing seemed to be working, so I decided to do nothing (or very little). Add to that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the great room rearrange at home, which took up a lot of time and energy and ... I skipped several Zumba classes. Only seven sessions. Only got the HR up a couple of times. Hopefully, this little rest will reset me and I'll be ready to start back up and scheduled and routines resume with the new year. Stay tuned. A new Zumba 2017 will be showing up ...

***2016 Zumba in Pictures ***

MountainView - January 21, 2016
Marian had a meeting so we three "babes in black" ran the class. I do tend to get higher numbers when I'm up on stage, and when I get to pick the playlist ... as it's all songs I know and like. So it's not surprising this day was one of the highest in January.

 All shapes, sizes and colors are welcome at Zumba.

... and see, I'm not the only gadget girl!
Even if you don't have a Fitbit, I'll be your friend ;)

 Kids are allowed at these Zumba classes ... and sometimes they join in :)

 Halloween Zumba

Photobombing a friend ;)

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  1. Such a fun zumba group picture, I can tell by the picture and your smiles how much fun you had.
    I've never tried Zumba, it may be something I change one day it does look like a ton of fun!


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