Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zumba Dance Off - Soy Para Ti

It's Workout Wednesday ... Time for a peek at my Zumba classes!

I hit several different Zumba classes. While the instructors vary, often the same songs pop up on the play list. Often I think I'm ready to go when ... the choreography is different! Sometimes I can adapt, other times I'm stuck on one, usually the one I was introduced to first. I'm not an instructor, but I've heard that the Zumba DVD will often include two different versions. In other instances, individuals add their own steps and style. I thought it would be fun to feature some of the dancing double takes I come across in my classes. You tell me which you do or like best ...

The song Soy Para Ti was a new addition in the last few months. I saw it first in Marian's class (which I go to Tuesdays and Thursdays) and it's been a regular in the playlist of late. I like it. It's slow, makes me feel "dancy" ... I'm usually not comfortable with the flowing arms, but I do this one okay.  I was able to find a video online replicating the steps.

I was in class on Monday at Southziders, and Nina had taken the stage. The intro came on, and I glanced at another gal who hits Marian's classes with me. We smiled ... then exchanged panicked glances as Nina started in with some different steps. What? I'd actually glimpsed them before. I'd Shazammed the song after hearing it at Marian's class and looked it up online (to find the video above) and had seen several with these alternate steps. As I looked again, found an official video.

I have adapted to this one a bit ... I actually enjoy the little side step at the start, but I'll admit to slipping back into the steps I learned originally in the middle. Maybe I'll get these down more if it becomes a regular on Mondays. I guess we'll see.

Have you done this song in your Zumba class? 
Which choreography do you prefer?

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