Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #178

And up again ... I didn't even bother tracking food this week, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising. I really don't know that not tracking makes me eat more, even though that is what the scale seems to indicate. NUMBERS: Official weight up 2.8 (yikes), average weight up .83 (178.59).  Average daily burn 2387. Step average 12339. FITNESS: Only two Zumba classes, and only got in my hour of elliptical two days too. Cardio minutes 347, exercise miles 27.18.  FAMILY: There was a Christmas party, and a birthday dinner (and cake). I had visits to the dentist this week, and Hubs has had Menerie's episodes. Basketball as always!

Day by Day ...
  • Friday (1216): Only got in 30minElliptical today. Busy afternoon/evening. #5 had been invited to a birthday party. I dropped him off, and Hubs picked him up and got him to practice. I was at the high school for the sophomore game, and then back for varsity. We won, but the evening just felt unsettled (no parking, a "stall" in the game, all the yelling). Steps 12934. Burn 2443. 
  • Saturday (1217): No exercise today. Worked in the basement in the morning, then took #5 to his 5th grade game. His 6th grade game was later, at the same time as #4's game, so Hubs took one and I took the other. In the evening, it was the family Christmas party (Hub's side) with Santa and soup. I'd brought chicken noodle. Steps 7124. Burn 2132.
  • Sunday (1218): Hub got up early to get the brisket smoking. We did pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Brisket for dinner. I spent some time on the computer (missionary letter, blog updates, basketball videos) and Hubs took the littles to see the new StarWars movie. Steps 5486. Burn 1956.
  • Monday (1219): Didn't feel I had the time to hit Zumba in Draper (it's far) but got in my hour of elliptical. Made mint brownies. Steps 14739. Burn 2517.
  • Tuesday (1220): Birthday for #5! Got in my hour of elliptical in the morning and then hit Zumba. It's so close, and I had a sewing machine and stuff to drop off to Marian. Had a consultation at the dentist, coming back tomorrow for work. Out to dinner and birthday cake in the evening. Steps 22056. Burn 2916. 
  • Wednesday (1221): Last day of school this week ... and the bigger boys didn't even go. I had my appointment at the dentist. A while in the chair, and a bit of recovery time at home. Then the afternoon evening was spent making and delivering cookies. Steps 10809. Burn 2346.
  • Thursday (1222): Kids out of school, but Hubs had work, although he went in late. He had a Meniere's attack yesterday, and again in the night :(  I hit Zumba with MountainView and got good stats, even if I forgot choreography. A store stop, and some gift wrapping with the kids. 
Five Featured Photos ...

Seven Silly Seniors in (ugly Christmas) Sweaters. 
This was their pre-game dress on Friday.

Christmas party with Santa on Saturday

Me and my Man

The birthday boy!

A quick capture of his day ...

At the dentist. Tuesday and Wednesday.

... and this week I'm throwing in a couple videos too  ...

Quick clip of the end of the Varsity game Friday ...

...and some of the shots from my basketball baby

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