Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Abandoned 'Bits

I'm a little sad. At one time, we were a complete Fitbit Family (Tracking the Family). All five boys, plus Mom (me) and Dad were all wearing one. We'd check in daily to see who was topping the charts. At times, I'd learn a little about other unauthorized activities (Tracking and the Teenager). I loved everyone being on board.

When #1 son left for Mexico (LDS church mission), he wouldn't have access to a computer/phone for syncing up a Fitbit tracker. I sent him with a simple step pedometer, and every week when he'd write, he'd include his steps. I'd input them manually and it was all good. Several months ago, he went through a stretch where letters were delayed. I got out of the habit of entering his steps (when the data was days late, it throws off the comparisons) and therefore he got out of the habit of sending them. I would rarely check in to see where we all stood ... so I didn't even notice when #2's Zip stopped syncing, or #5's data mysteriously stopped coming in ("oh yea ... um, I lost it"). While #4 was still a Fitbit fan (although with the recent addition of a hot tub to the family, I'd find his Charge sitting around. He'd take it off and forget to put it back on. Winter has reduced his activity as well) ... Hubs and #3 both had Apple Watches now. They both had Fitbits, they were wearing, for me ... I told them they could stop, and they both did.

I'd purchased a warranty on #2's Zip. From past experience ... Fitbit customer service is great, and will replace anything the first year. Of course ... it's often in the second year that the devices stop working. For $4 (for a $50 Zip purchase) I'd picked up a warranty for that second year. I contacted the company (Asurion, purchased through Amazon the same time as the Zip) and they sent a pre-paid box to return the defective product, and they refunded me my purchase price. Glad it worked!

The Zip Hubs was using, the One #3 had been wearing, and an older Flex that had been replaced with another model, are now laying around unused. When I do get steps from my son, and input them ... it's extended family and friends and neighbors who are there in the Top10.

I'm honestly super surprised I'm still at the top of the list! Generally, I'm well over 100,000 for weekly steps. It's been a tough time, with the holidays and everything ... but I guess that goes for everyone on the list. Everyone's steps seem down. And it's just me, #1 son and #3 son from our immediate family.

Personally, I still LOVE my Fitbit.
Both of them ... I wear the One and the ChargeHR.

... I've had my One for years now, and over the years had accepted friend requests from a multitude of people I didn't even know. As I set up my ChargeHR, I decided I would only friend/accept requests of people I AM actually friends with. I AM friends with myself (via my One) ... but I'm definitely NOT in the top spot on this list! Gotta work harder to compete with these gals!

My missionary will be coming home in February. I wonder if I'll want to go back to an actual Fitbit. Maybe put on one of the abandoned 'bits .... ha ha, who am I kidding. If he does want a Fitbit, he probably wouldn't want one of those older models, especially used (even if they were used by family). He'd want a Charge, or Alta, or Blaze or Surge ... We'll see. Maybe he'll join Dad and his brother with the Apple watch.

I guess we've got backup Fitbits ... :)

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