Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Containment Complete

Time for another TV Tuesday.

In my most recent TV Tuesday posts, I discussed giving several of the new 2016 Fall Premiers a chance, as well as keeping up with a few of my favorites. But ... I've found it frustrating! The waiting and watching week to week. Being excited for a new episode, just to discover one didn't air. Switching between a courtroom, to a hospital, to time travel to a zombie apocalypse. I think I prefer to commit to a single series, watching the entire season's episodes in a row. So I searched up what was new on Netflix (also available on Hulu I believe), and found "Containment".

This originally aired on the CW channel as a summer series just this year. It didn't get renewed, so the single season is all there is. 13 episodes. A "limited event".  For some reason, I like post-apocalyptic stuff, so this sounded right up my alley. This isn't a world-wide situation (yet) ... it is confined (or "contained" per the title ... originally based on a Belgian series called "Cordon") to a section in Atlanta, Georgia. We, the viewers, follow the stories both inside and outside of the cordon.

I thought the story started off strong. Introducing the characters, their backgrounds and relationships. About halfway though, there were some things (beyond the stands "suspension of disbelief" that comes with most shows) that didn't quite make sense. Had certain characters met earlier? Precautions would be taken in one instance, then utterly ignored in another. Some people would be in the area (guarded against exposure) for mere moments, and still got sick while others seemed to somehow stay healthy while walking around all over.

In a recent Musical Monday post, I commented on background music in television programs. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on the elliptical (and I automatically shift into a matching beat), or if it's because of including captions (which often list a songs lyrics, or even singer/title) ... but I'm pretty aware of songs in shows. I recall quite liking a lot of the music from this series. Did you know, there's a website that lists all the songs from various movies and TV series? Here's the songs from Containment.  

Overall ... while the series seemed to slip in the last half, I did like the premise. Lots of things to think about, the good and bad in humanity, what you would do in such a situation. Excitement, romance. I would look forward to hitting the gym again to get another episode in. While this series was cut short unexpectedly, the ending wrapped up enough to satisfy me.

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