Friday, December 30, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #179

Last week of 2016. So many are commenting on how awful 2016 was ... weight-wise for me, it was pretty bad. I was at 160 back in February. Unhappy to stay in the 160s, move up to the 170s, and even into the 180s. I basically took this entire week off. Even took a break on Pact.

NUMBERS: Down 1.4, but average weight up 1.14 (179.73). Only 9783 for the daily step average, 2269 for average daily burn. 103 cardio minutes (a few elliptical sessions here and there), 8.6 exercise miles. 

Day by Day ...
  • Friday (1223): Only one 10min session on the elliptical. Spent the day cooking and finishing up the annual family slideshow for the Christmas party tomorrow. Steps 5386. Burn 1953.
  • Saturday (1224): Christmas Eve. Chaotic morning as Hubs and the boys grabbed on the donations and took them to goodwill. I got started on breadsticks and soup. Family party in the late afternoon with the eating, slideshow, nativity, candybar game and exchanging of gifts. Steps 7064. Burn 2213.
  • Sunday (1225): Christmas Day. Stockings and gifts at our home in the morning, then off to Maga's for a couple hours. Got our call from our missionary in the evening. Hubs made pot roast in the new Instant Pot. Steps 4642. Burn 1981. 
  • Monday (1226): Christmas Day Observed. Hubs had the day off. My sister's family came over to visit and have Hubs help their youngest make a derby car. 10min elliptical. Some additional room rearrange (headboard and desk to #3's room) and some final work downstairs. French Dip dinner. Steps 13228. Burn 2446. 
  • Tuesday (1227): No Zumba with Family Week and Marian in Mexico. 20minElliptical. Did a small shift in the Master Bedroom (cleaning out drawers, shifting the nightstand, moving the bed a bit), stitched up some curtains, almost done with getting the basement back. Steps 12277. Burn 2488. 
  • Wednesday (1228): I actually considered hitting Zumba, but couldn't get confirmation MZL was on, so no Zumba, but 40minElliptical. Quick dental consultation (have to wait for an opening), some shopping, even picked up a headboard/bed frame off local classifieds. Computer time paying bills, updating blogs and video work. Steps 15629. Burn 2563. 
  • Thursday (1229): One 20min Elliptical session. Tournament for #5, one game at 12:00, which they won easily. Practice with team 2 right after. Hubs hit a family wedding reception in the evening. Steps 10256. Burn 2241.
Five Featured Photos ...

Family Party Saturday (Christmas Eve)

 Family Photo Christmas Morning

w/kitties and Big Head stand-in

Family Photo via Facetime Sunday Evening

Snowy Morning! White Christmas.
The boys hard at work ...
... while Hubs takes a relaxing soak in the hot tub.
Boxing Day?
Not all boxes are from Christmas. Just part of the general clean out too ...
Can't wait for garbage day!

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