Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Music

Music Monday - Christmas Edition

I am one of those who refuse to put on Christmas music or decorate until Thanksgiving is over.  In fact, Christmas doesn't really feel in full swing for me until December. Back in the day, I remember having our huge stereo CD changer in our family room. All throughout December I'd have Christmas music playing. Here's a peek at some of our old CDs ...

Neil Diamond, Amy Grant, Kurt Bestor ... they were our family classics. The CDs in the photo are quite dusty, as they haven't been used in years. With modern technology, I ripped all the songs into  MP3s and have them on the computer and ipods/iphones for playing ... although I must admit, I haven't been much in the mood this year.

There have been a few Christmas songs hitting the Zumba classes . 
This one, from Marian's class,  is a favorite ...

As for MY personal favorite? It would have to be a little known number called "Gift of Love" by the Boone sisters. I don't remember where I heard it originally. It was played on the radio, back when I had a tape deck, and attempted to record it so I could have my own copy. As we moved more into the digital age, I looked for it, to no avail. A neighbor said they had a digital copy, and I finally got it that way (it IS available on Itunes and Amazon now). I love the harmonies, and it's acapella, which adds to the interest and simplicity.

So here you go, sharing my favorite Christmas song ...  

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 
When do you start listening to Christmas music?
What do you do with your old CDs when you don't need the physical copy any more?

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  1. It took me a long time to get into the ''mood" for Christmas music this year. I wonder why?


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