Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Biggest Fan

I wanted to dedicate this post to my biggest fan ... pictured above. No, I'm not my own biggest fan, I'm referring to my actual FAN. He blows me away.  Seriously, it makes such a huge difference in how I feel during my workout. I usually don't start with the fan on, but after about 10 minutes in ... I need it. Just that little bit of air movement can cool down my heated up face and give me the energy to keep on going.

My BIG fan is positioned to where I turn it toward me while I'm on the bike. I can turn it toward me while I'm on the treadmill (but I also have a fan on the treadmill which hits my face a little better). When I'm doing a weight workout or one of Jillian's programs, I'll turn the fan so it blows in that direction.

I have a smaller clip fan attached to my elliptical as well.

Again ... I'm totally spoiled with my home gym. I guess if you GO to a gym, you don't have as many FANtastic options (although I'm sure some of the equipment has a built-in fan, like my treadmill). When I'm jogging the track at the rec center (Two Tracks) ... they have a couple fans positioned strategically along the track and I love that small breeze as I jog by.  

So just my little Tip and Trick for the day ... if you can, invest in a fan!
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  1. I don't know if it's being 10 years (or more) past menopause, or being so lightweight now, but I just don't sweat as much, or need a fan...as I did previously. Weird, huh? I have to be exercising a good 45 min. before I literally break a sweat. I am so happy that you found what has worked for you, though!

  2. We have our ceiling fan on during workouts and it makes such a big difference!

    1. I don't have a ceiling fan in my gym, but I do in the bedroom, and I need a little air movement there too. It's almost always on!

  3. I have to have the ceiling fan going at home when I workout. I swear they don't keep it cool enough at my gym. It's always SO hot in there I feel like I'm going to die. Some of the machines have built in fans, but not all of them.

  4. I don't blame you for loving your fan. It gets hot working out! That's part of why I do my workouts at the gym -- it's temperature controlled (cool, unlike Elizabeth's gym, guess I'm lucky) and there are fans everywhere. Where I live it gets horribly hot and the summers seem to last forever, so I love the gym. However, it is really cold right now and they're predicted ice storms with epic destruction this weekend. :S I hope they're wrong.


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