Friday, July 19, 2013

Fifteen Pounds

In the world of weight-loss, when someone says "that's really a new low for you" it is actually a positive thing! Thanks for the compliment Fitbit (it's a new badge for my profile there *Ü*) ... and it's the same number my MFP tracker is showing. 15 pounds down. Yea!  Pretty much from the moment I started tracking (and controlling) my incoming calories a couple of months ago, I've had a consistent, by the numbers, loss. I'm so grateful. I know it doesn't always happen. Seeing success gives me the extra motivation to keep it going. I'm really hoping I can get to 150 (which would move me out of the "overweight" category) before I hit any snags or plateaus. 

Here's a quick capture of the last week + ... thanks to my smart scale all my numbers are automatically sent to my computer, to my Fitbit dashboard, and to MFP.  You can see it's pretty slow and steady, with small ups and downs. While I do weigh-in everyday, I have Friday as my "official" weigh-in day and I watch those numbers for week-to-week trends. 

I checked my history ... I'm now back to where I was last year (June2012).
I wish I would have STARTED then ...


  1. Great job, Jen!!! I'm finding it harder and harder to lose weight and/or maintain. Can't decide if it's age or working full time or what. But I'm definitely having to work harder at it than I ever have. Maybe I need to try a Fitbit.

  2. Didn't Kolby have a Fitbit at one point? I got one for Callahan and Landon, and also got my mom and dad hooked ... I don't know how I'd keep it up if I went back to work, especially if it was a stationary job!


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