Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Irony of my Omron

When I first started walking, I went through MANY cheap little pedometers. They varied in accuracy and were quite easy to lose.  I looked over all the reviews and upgraded to the Omron Pocket Pedometer and it served me well for a long time now. It is a bit big and bulky ... through the years I've had people ask me what it was, or mistake it for a diabetic pump. Even when I bought my Fitbit ... I just couldn't give up my Omron. I continued to wear it. It was my "watch" and it was a little easier to check my steps on (as I usually had my Fitbit on under my clothes). It also came in handy for those odd times I would forget to put one of them on ... I had the other as a backup.

The other day, the clip broke ... the pedometer itself was fine, but without the clip, I couldn't fasten it to my pocket or waistband.  I wondered if perhaps, it was time to let the ol'Omron go.

I keep all my numbers in an excel file. I have my Omron steps and my Fitbit steps, Fitbit is almost always just a bit higher.  I went ahead and put June's daily step counts into a graph ... you can see that the two pedometers are actually very close. It makes me feel pretty good about the accuracy of both devices *Ü* and as the numbers ARE so similar ... I really should be able to get by with just the Fitbit. Right?

The Omron does have one additional feature that Fitbit does not ... the counting of "aerobic" steps. 10 minutes or more of consecutive steps. I don't know how important that really is to know, but it's an interesting statistic, and between the Omron and Walker Tracker, I've been logging my aerobic steps and aerobic minutes for five years. It's just a little hard to let go of.

So ... the Omron  is called a "pocket" pedometer. The day after the clasp broke, I removed it from the plastic case and slipped it into my pocket and wore it that way. Guess what? I like it SO much better! Without the case, it isn't nearly as bulky. You can't really even see it (although I can easily take it out to check the time or my numbers). I can't believe in all the years of wearing my Omron I didn't ever try taking it out of it's case and putting it in my pocket rather than have it dangling off my pants. Now granted, I don't always have a pocket, and the case is still needed for those times. I did happen to find an extra case laying around (from an older Omron that had died) so I'm still set no matter what I'm wearing. But now ... I'll be taking it out of the case and slipping it into my pocket whenever that is a possibility.

... it only took me six or seven years to figure it out.

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