Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dress For Success

I have a confession ... that is what I look like most of time.

I wear my workout clothes (knit shorts and a t-shirt)  pretty much all day long.  They are comfortable, cute and you could say I'm "dressing for success" ... at least as far as exercise goes. It's one of the benefits of being a SAHM, I often do not have places to go and people to see. I'll pop down to my home gym several times a day. After all, I'm still dressed for it, so I might as well get another session in, right? No excuses.

When I DO leave the house ... carpool, grocery shopping, taking a child to an appointment ... well, I've gotten to where I still just stay in my workout wear. I'm a little sweaty and disheveled, but I don't look that bad. I guess in reality it's gotten to the point where even when I would change and dress in "regular" clothes and try to look nice ... it feels like a moot point. I don't look good regardless, so I might as well stay comfy and ready for another workout.

The other day I picked up a couple cute new tops as a reward for my recent weight loss. I was actually wanting to wear them. And now that I've lost the pounds I gained over the winter/spring, at least I can fit into the capris from last summer (which I couldn't do a couple of months ago). I was just running to the grocery store to pick up some milk, but I decided to change my clothes and try to improve my appearance from the usual sweats and t-shirt. It felt good. I'm not saying I looked great, but it was a bit of a boost to at least make an effort. Ok, my hair was still in a ponytail, but I actually put on some earrings and lipstick *Ü*

And what do you know ... I ran into someone I knew while I was out.  It was nice to not be a sweaty mess, to actually feel ok saying hello rather than ducking into another aisle and hoping I hadn't been seen. 

I changed back into my sweats and t-shirt when I got home ... I wanted to get in one more session on the elliptical. While staying dressed in my workout wear really does motivate me to get my exercise in, I think I'm going to make more of an effort to "dress for success" when I leave the house too.  Changing clothes may be part of the change ...

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