Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smart Scale (Fitbit Aria)

Through high school and the first fourteen years of marriage ... I never really stepped on the scale. I just felt that some weight gain through the years (and having five babies) was inevitable. During my pregnancies, I didn't pay much attention to weight gain either ... I really couldn't tell you what I gained or weighed at any point. 

Then ... May 2006. I lost 20 pounds quick and easy and without even trying (yes, there was some stress at that time). But that 20 pound loss ... it changed everything! I felt like losing WAS possible, and I could already see a change at that point. It gave me the motivation to keep going. I lost 30 more pounds over the next couple of months and I reached my goal weight. During THIS time ... I stepped on the scale everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I've stepped on a scale pretty much every day since.

You can see (in the picture above), I had an old analog scale. Through the years, I upgraded to a newer, digital scale. But when Fitbit recently added a scale to their line of products, I felt like I needed to upgrade once again. Like the Fitbit, the Aria connects wirelessly to the Fitbit Dashboard. Now I can't tell you how many times I would step on the scale first thing in the morning, and by the time I dressed and went to my desk to write down the numbers~ they had slipped from my mind. And while I did enter the numbers (that I remembered *Ü*) into my excel spreadsheet with all my stats, I would seldom actually update the Fitbit website with my changing weight. The Aria does it all ... and includes a body fat reading as well as body weight.

Now the Aria IS pricey ... $130.  But, it's been worth it to me. My Fitbit Dashboard is now completely up to date. The weight is updated daily, and this also transfers to MFP, which updates my weight loss there. Since I have been tracking food on MFP, and making sure I'm staying below my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) the scale HAS been moving in the right direction too. I've never tracked my body fat before, and while it's still too high, it too is getting lower. 

I've also connected my Aria to ... so my daily weigh-in is also transferred to that site and the many cool graphs and data it provides.

I didn't discover this website until a few weeks ago, but because of the wireless connection, TrendWeight was able to get ALL the data from the scale, from when I first got it in January. I'm also signed up for a couple rewards sites, and one of those gives points for daily weight and body fat weigh-ins, so the Aria gives me extra points there each day as well. 

I DO still have my old analog scale sitting in the bathroom downstairs ... I hope to be able to recreate the "goal weight" picture at the top of this blog post. 

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