Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

So ... as part of my journey, I like to visit weight loss/fitness blogs and see other people's stories and success, and even frustrations and failures. As I was browsing tonight I came upon a blog hop hosted by Heather at PrettyStrongMedicine.

I weigh in every day, and my faithful Fitbit Aria scale automatically sends that weight to my computer to sync with Fitbit, and Trendweight, and MFP ... this does often make my MFP ticker slide around, and unfortunately sometimes go backwards. I'm happy to say that it is showing a 16 pound loss, so that's better than my 15 pound post just a bit ago (much better than the 13 pound it had backtracked to in recent days). 

Now this morning ... hubby was home. Usually he is gone to work hours before I'm up and weighing myself. I locked the bathroom door and stood on my scale and weighed myself, in my birthday suit as I always do.  I heard the door opening ... hubby was coming in! Now, not that he hasn't seen it all before, but I'm not really a parading around naked kind of gal.  Even if/when I get to goal weight, I don't think I'm that comfortable in my own skin ... in ONLY my skin.

The Fitbit Aria Scale is fairly fancy ... all automated as it is, it can keep track of up to eight different people. However, if two people are close in weight, the scale will "ask" you who you are. In my mad dash to grab a towel this morning, I didn't see the scale ask if I was me, or my son. As I didn't correct it, it sent MY weight record to my son's Fitbit account. 

So I had to jump onto the computer to straighten that out, and re-weigh, making sure my measurements went to my account. 164.5 ... my son's last reading was 155. I guess the scale needs more than 10 pounds to verify a difference.

I was a little perturbed by the bodyfat readings though ... as my reading went to my son's account, it came in at 18.5%. When I weighed again and made sure the reading went to my account, my body fat reading was 37% ... Ummmmm, I was the same person both times, the only difference was who the Aria THOUGHT I was. So this experience definitely puts the "bodyfat" reading validity into question ...

Things are looking on track for my official weigh in on Friday.

July is NOT the easiest month for good eating and exercise. Two holidays (July 4th, and July 24 ... that one's just for Utah), the summer schedule (sleeping in). New wave runners, which mean trips to the lake (not much exercise in), kids out of school and fun, distracting activities ... I know some people find the summer easier, I am not one of them. But at least it's moving in the right direction!

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