Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Happy (FMM)

What makes you happy? This was the topic of today's link-up from AllTheWeigh. For a moment, it was a little hard to come up with a list of 10 things, but then the ideas started flowing. Thinking about what makes me happy, taking the time to write them down and share them ... it was a worthwhile way to spend my Monday morning.  

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Family: Hubby and my five boys. Sometimes just looking at them makes my heart hurt~ love overflowing. It's so fun to see them happy and interacting, or even just watching them sleep. When I started exercising, I hung up pictures in front of my elliptical and treadmill so I could have visual reminders of all the memories ... it's my happy place.

2. Being Alone: That sounds a little contradictory to the one above ... but as much as I love my family, there are those times when everyone is gone and the house is quiet. Blissful silence. I wouldn't want it all the time, but there are moments when it makes me absolutely giddy.

3. Books: I've always been an avid reader, but I went for years without really getting much in ... just busy with other things. Last year I discovered e-reading and it has made a HUGE difference. I have oodles of titles available at my fingertips and I can read anywhere/anytime (as I always have my phone with me). GoodReads is a great place to keep track of what you have read, what you want to read, and get recommendations and reviews.  I've started working in reading to my workout routines ... my Kindle fits perfectly on the stationary bike.

4. Sunshine: I love, love, love sunshine. A sunshiny day will lift my spirits, while I tend to struggle a bit when it's gloomy. I have a complete Pinterest board devoted to sunshine (HERE).  If there is no sunshine outside, sometimes I have to pop in there for my fix.

5. Yummy Stuff: What is it about cookies and donuts and chocolate. I actually feel happier when indulging... at least momentarily. I love to bake and share and see others enjoy as well. Food is so integral to so many happy memories.  It's a dangerous road ...

6. Flowers: I do love pretty flowers. Lilacs, roses, daisies, orchids, lilies, little purple pansies. I don't really like gardening, but I have a small flower bed (that's all I can commit to tending to). I spend a few moments every day among the flowers. I love fresh flowers inside to brighten up the house as well.

7. Exercise: Exercise wasn't something I did much of for years and years ... then it kicked in. I actually ENJOY exercise now. It is an escape - sometimes I just zone out, no worries or cares. And I don't know if there really are "exercise endorphins" but I know I always feel better on days I exercise ... and I feel off on days that I don't.

8. Music: Music is so powerful. Our Itunes library is so full of songs for every mood. I have an "up songs" playlist that I can't help but bounce around to.

9. A Clean House: Oh dear, if my husband happens to check out this post he is going to laugh and laugh and laugh! But it's true, I DO love a clean house. Looking at my house you would think I actually hate it. I don't ... I just really don't like cleaning.  Oh those rare occasions when I do accomplish the impossible (and a room is clean and stays that way for a few minutes) I find myself walking past and looking at it over and over with a smile on my face.

10. Accomplishment: This wraps up a LOT of things into one. That feeling you have when you have completed a project and you actually have something to show for it.  It can be as simple as a dinner for the family, a clean house, a scrapbook page ... or something bigger, like achieving a weight loss goal.

Friend Making Monday is a weekly post on the blog AllTheWeigh ... a topic is thrown out (sometimes weight/fitness related, sometimes not) and bloggers answer on their own blogs, then post the link back to the original post (HERE) in the comments section. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers on their own journey, and maybe find some friends and more motivation.  So what makes YOU happy?

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  1. Those are some awesome points.
    Being a mommy if twins I totally understand the bliss of silence.


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