Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fitbit Fluctuations

I don't deal well with change ... I'd still probably be using shiftF8 for computer functions if technological improvements weren't forced upon me.  I've acclimated to email and even texting, although I remember a time I was sure I didn't need either one. I wasn't thrilled when Facebook switched to the timeline, but I'm used to it now. I resisted digital photography and ereaders ... now I sing their praises.  Anyway, when Fitbit rolled out its new dashboard, I really wasn't interested. 

The old dashboard view is pictured above.
The new dashboard view is pictured below.  

You can see it actually has the same information for the most part (some of the information like food and sleep WAS also shown on the original dashboard, just further down than I grabbed on my screen capture). One of the nice things about this new dashboard is that all these tiles are adjustable. You can move them around to suit you, deleting any you don't want, moving what is important to you front and center. Given the choice, I wasn't going to make the switch, but new users (my son and my dad) were automatically signed up for the new dashboard.  As I'd try to compare my day to theirs (what can I say, we are a competitive family) it was a little hard, with the different visual formats.

So I switched. Being an "old" user, I still have the option to switch back, but I don't know how long that will be the case. I'm adjusting to the new look. While the actual numbers (steps, calories burned, floors climbed) are the same on either dashboard, the daily graph (set to steps or calories burned) does have a different look. The activity spikes while similar, aren't quite the same.  If you go to the (also updated) activity page, I can get a look more similar to the original ...

But it still isn't quite the same.
For some reason, I really miss my spikes being pink!

The other thing I really miss (the old dashboard had it, but the new one does not seem to show this anywhere) is the pie chart of my time ... this was the only chart to incorporate the sedentary time (visually) with the lightly, fairly/moderately and very active times.  

I remember having a couple competitions with Fitbit friends. The challenge was to keep the sedentary to half a pie or less.  The new look shows the info over time ... but there's no pie.

I know I could crunch the numbers and calculate my sedentary time ... but I don't like math, and that would mean MORE sedentary time while I figured it all out. It was much easier for me just to look at my daily pie; it was much easier for me to "see" presented that way.

For now, I guess I have the luxury of switching in-between the old and new.
I can have the new dashboard ... and my pie too!

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  1. Good luck in your fitness journey. And thanks for stopping by my page.


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