Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tracking Sleep

I pretty much wear my Fitbit 24/7 (I do take it off for showers and use that time to recharge the battery). When it's time for bed, I keep my Fitbit on me.  I sleep with it on, not only to catch any odd steps during the night, but because it has a sleep function as well as a step function. I don't know how accurate it is, but it is interesting. 

As the graph indicates, the blue is sleeping (or at least very still and unmoving), and the pink is awake (or restless). An actual spike means I got up and walked for a minute (potty run). Now the BIG pink area around 3:30 in the morning is NOT normal for me! That only happens when stupid teenagers decide to doorbell ditch us. And I got a few steps in as I had to go outside and put out the fire that they started on the front porch (and as it would happen our front door was stuck and so I had to go out the back and walk around the house to do it!) Could not get back to sleep for a while ...

This is a little more "normal" ... hubby is off early, so I usually wake up, but don't quite make it out of bed for a bit. I know, I should just get up and get going on my day!  There are two settings for sleep (normal or sensitive ... try which seems to work best for you). There is a sleeve included to wear your Fitbit on your wrist. I just clip it to my jammie top.  My son sleeps with his clipped to his boxers.

But back to the Fitbit as a sleep tracker. I didn't think I would use this feature, but I've really enjoyed having the feedback. I always thought I went to sleep earlier than I actually do. It's interesting to see the trends (going to bed/getting up) and getting an idea of how much actual sleep time I get. When we splurged on a Fitbit for my 14-year old, I was going to suggest the less expensive Zip. It does not track sleep. The boys had already rushed off to the store and purchased the One before I mentioned the Zip option, but my son has enjoyed the sleep feedback more than I would have thought (and as a parent it's fun for me to point out just how much he is sleeping in this summer!). As my parents bought Fitbits as well, one of the things they were looking forward to MOST from the device was the sleep feedback.

With the new dashboard, there are new, weekly reports of the sleep graph.
They look like this (above).
You still get the look pictured at the top if you go to the Log/Sleep area.

... so if you were considering a Fitbit and wanted an idea of what some of the feedback looked like, there you go. There are a couple other graphs too, showing some of the same info over time (hours asleep over the past 30 days, etc.). My Fitbit is mainly for steps and counting calories burned throughout the day, but I appreciate the night feedback as well!

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