Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day & The Weekend

It's President's Day ... the kids like it because they have the day off from school. I thought I'd use this holiday to share this incredible penny portrait my brother made several years ago. Isn't it cool? Ala Lincoln!

For my weekend accountability, I weighed in Friday morning at 151.1 ... after the weekend (Monday morning) the scale showed 153.2. Not horrible, I actually expected worse. This past Saturday was  Valentine's Day. It was kind of a crappy, unhappy Valentine's Day (and day before).

Hubs and I were/are a bit on the outs (it happens even in happy marriages, right?) He wants to completely redo the kitchen. I. Don't. I LIKE my kitchen, and the though of it completely torn up, and the cost (financial, time, inconvenience) ... totally stresses me out! I know, most women would probably love a new kitchen. Poor me! Add to that, and Hubby having a cold ... no smooching on Valentine's Day :(

I don't know that I slept at all Thursday night stressing about kitchen stuff. That doesn't make for a good Friday. All the Zumba posters always show everyone happy and smiling, and that is how I usually feel. In fact, I'd wondered if you COULD be sad at Zumba. You can. I couldn't kick it Friday. I had gone to an earlier class (taking advantage of having my oldest home to run #3 to school) because #4 wanted (well, insisted) me to come be a parent helper at the school valentine day party. After attempting Zumba, I gave up after 30 minutes. My heart wasn't in it (literally, I could NOT get my heart rate up, my stats were as miserable as me). I went to the school and did my duty there, then went home and curled up in bed until it was time to pick the kids up from school.

There are times stress and sadness take away my appetite. Sometimes I exercise more, using it as an escape. This wasn't one of those weekends. I didn't really go overboard on the eating ... but I did make a couple batches of sugar cookies (shaped as hearts, had to get into the valentine day a bit). I ate many of these cookies. Fri/Sat/Sun were pretty pitiful as far as fitness.

There was basketball, as usual. Games Friday and Saturday. At least they got me out of the house, out of the bed. You can see my #2 in action (he's #3 in the video) as I also spent some time over the weekend going through clips and making muvees ... He had 16 points.

 Here's a picture ... love the funny faces the stills capture!

Isn't this an awesome shot? 
(I didn't take it, one of the other coaches did)

Sunday was church ... and then the afternoon helping #3 with a school assignment. Not exactly how Hubs and I wanted to spend the weekend, but I'm sure glad Hubs came to help. I always "love" homework for the parents too (although #2 did this same assignment a couple years ago with a friend without any help). Here is the finished product (in video form) ...

So that was the weekend ... linking up with MIMM. I really am glad it's Monday. Even if it's not a "normal" Monday, being a holiday with kids out of school. I did still hit Zumba and got in my 40minutes of elliptical. That's not my usual Monday, but it's good enough. Now out to dinner with the family ... a "Last Supper" for #1 who will be leaving early Wednesday for two years. And as soon as he's gone, it will be the GREAT ROOM REARRANGE (moving the remaining four kids into different bedrooms), which will impact exercise, but will still probably get in a lot of activity. It will be a good change but a lot of work. Maybe I'll be stressed enough I won't snack all the time!

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