Sunday, February 22, 2015

WWI #83 ... A Busy Week

The last few weeks, my weight seems to be fluctuating between 151 and 153. Up two pounds. Down two pounds. Last week was down, so this week is up again. My average went down a smidgen. As for actual numbers .... Average intake was 2293. Average burn 2689. I didn't manage a deficit this week, (over by almost 1000 calories).

My weight was quite consistent this week, not moving much. My exercise was very consistent too. Mon-Fri I got in my hour of Zumba, then added 40minutes of elliptical throughout the day at home. No bike. No treadmill. No weights. No racquetball. I really wanted to get in some of these extra activities, but it was a crazy busy week.

The beginning of the week was packed with last minute prep for #1 son. A big "last supper" with extended family on Monday. Setting apart on Tuesday. On Wednesday, early ... (like getting up at 3:00 in the morning early) we took him to the airport. He is flying off to Mexico for two years. Our four other boys and Maga came to say goodbye.

 Family dinner at Bucca De Beppo

The airport ...and he's off.

The rest of us went out for breakfast (it was about 5:30 by then), then home to get the kids off to school. Hubs took a quick little nap before heading into work. I packed up the rest of #1's gear, and when #2 was home, we moved him into that bedroom. It was a complete room rotation. #2 and #3 had been sharing a room downstairs. #4 and #5 got moved in there and #3 took over their old room. Much more space for everyone (except #1, we'll have to figure out something when he comes back). Up and down the stairs SO many times over the next few days as we finished up the job. So many shirts, shorts, socks, shoes ... so many not being worn. It was a gigantic purge fest. Hubs took a trailer-full of stuff to the local good will. I'm still really not done. The boys are moved it, but there are still piles of clothes I have yet to sort through, and #3 needs some stuff (a new comforter, headboard, nightstand).

Like I mentioned above, I still got in my "minimum" workout on the weekdays. 100 minutes. An hour of Zumba and some elliptical. I really wanted to hit the bike! I've been wanting to continue on with my book. I've felt the urge to hit the treadmill too, but just had so many other things going on. Okay ... I admit I had no desire to do weights and racquetball really wasn't at all in the cards either. 

My eating was okay amid all the chaos and stress. Not great, but pretty much the norm for me. Hubs admitted he had some emotional eating going on.  Now the weekend is here. It's a birthday week (#2 turns 16) so there will be cake. But with the move mostly done, I should be able to get back into my routine. I hope to hit the bike and treadmill ... and I know I should do weights. I need to work harder to get the eating under control, because I know that is the key to losing a few more pounds and getting into the 140s where I'd like to be!

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