Saturday, February 14, 2015

WWI #82 - Not A Good Week But ...

Well ... down 2.63 pounds this week! Now before you go congratulating me, I've been losing and gaining these same pounds a LOT over the past couple years. This 150-155 range seems to be my spot. Up and Down. Back and Forth. Cha-Cha. Still aiming to get a foothold in the spot just below (the 140-149 range).

It really wasn't a good week as far as the numbers go. The weekend was really crazy (Glad This Weekend Is Over), with big food numbers and low fitness ones. I did pretty good back in the routine on Mon and Tuesday, but then got hit with some back pain (minor, but still impacting exercise a little) and tummy troubles Wed and Thursday. Too bad the tummy troubles didn't take away my appetite. I still managed to eat. If you want to know what the actual numbers were ...

NUMBERS: Average weight for the week was 153.6, which was down a smidgen. Average intake was 2457. Average daily expenditure was 2682. With the higher intake and lower output, I didn't even manage a deficit at all this week, I was over by 1712 calories. Not sure where the loss came from. Sometimes the numbers do not line up.

I have updated my Daily Doings ... if you wanted details on the day to day. 
I also updated my Weekly Weigh-In page where you can see my checkins over the past couple years.

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