Sunday, February 1, 2015

Zumba Stats - January 2015

I've decided to update my Zumba Stats monthly for 2015 ...

Here's January!

For week 1, I got back to all five of my different classes!
I've been struggling with my heart rate monitor lately. Reading zero, or getting stuck on a number. Not really trusting the results. I tried out a different one for my Mon/Tues this week, but no matter the workout, it seemed to give the exact same results. Back to my Polar for Wed/Thur/Fri, and then I was able to get new batteries in and that should help!

I thought I'd totally be ready to get back to Zumba after the holidays, but Monday I was still struggling with being sore from my weight workout on Saturday. It did impact my energy, I wasn't my usual bouncy self, although I still did get great Fitbit numbers! Glad to get back to Marian's class after she was gone last week, but the soreness and HRM situation did drag me down just a bit. Felt good on Wednesday ... this class had many instructors and they usually switch off every song. They said they were going to try having an instructor do 20minutes as part of their training, so that is a small change. They also did more numbers on the floor, trying to draw more energy ... I myself prefer having them on the stage where I can see better. It was also great to get back to the Thursday class, which has pushed the time back to 9:30. So instead of going straight after dropping off the kids to school, I went home for a few minutes and was invariably late. I wasn't sure Marian would be there with the later start time, but she was (so class started on time) and my tardiness shorted me a bit from an entire hour. It had been a while since I'd hit my Friday class too. There were a couple new numbers, and I had forgotten the steps to MY favorite song. I don't know how the instructors keep all the steps in their heads!

I also included my Saturday Racquetball workout to compare. Also an hour ... not as many steps (so the Fitbit burn didn't come in very high) but the HRM (with new batteries) showed that my heart rate did get up. So fun, it doesn't even feel like a workout! My shoulder is sore now though!

Week 2
Five different classes. Double on Thursday & R-ball on Saturday.
I was so ready for my Zumba on Monday, and then my HRM was giving me problems. After a brand new battery and everything! My Fitbit stats were good and I'm sure the HRM would have had good numbers too. Luckily my Polar behaved the rest of the week. Thursday I was able to hit Marian's evening class, so it was a double Zumba day. I felt really good, and game away with awesome stats!

Week 3 ... hit all my different classes!
Double Zumba on Thursday. A little home session on Saturday.
Another really good week. Happy that my HRM finally worked on a Monday, and I got good stats. Nina was running Claudia's Thursday class too, and really brought the energy. She had me do a couple of my numbers, first time in that class. I think that elevates my heart rate (both nerves and just giving it your all when everyone is watching). Double Zumba again Thursday! Didn't get r-ball in on Saturday, so I did a little Zumba at home (trying to polish a couple new songs I could try if I'm asked to lead). 

Week 4 ... all five of my classes, with double Zumba on Thursday.
Great start to the week with Southziders. I think that might be a high for my average heart rate. Both devices estimating a 500+ burn and over 8000steps. Another great Thursday too, both morning and evening sessions. Haven't quite been getting the numbers in MZL (not sure why there, I guess they have usually been over an hour, but not these past few weeks) and Friday (longer pauses between songs add up and my heart rate drops).

I've sure enjoyed all my classes. The instructors all have their own styles. There are so many songs and steps out there, it's always a challenge to try and learn them. Some old songs, some new ones. I really enjoy my Zumba workouts and enjoy comparing the numbers to see if I feel they match up to how I felt the workout was. They usually do!

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