Monday, February 23, 2015

A Couple of Cakes and a Caught Cold

This past weekend was my second son's 16th birthday. With all the crazy chaos the past week (getting #1 son off on his mission, rearranging the rooms for the kids) I wasn't really prepared to party. I hadn't really gotten gifts or anything (I have been buying him quite a few new clothes lately though, I should have saved them for his birthday). He actually needs cash (he's broke!) and I'll get him a couple belated presents. I did get him cake though! He wouldn't commit to choosing between triple chocolate or white buttercream ... so I bought both! We had one Saturday night (his actual birthday) with Hubs family over  and one Sunday night with my folks and his girlfriend (who had been out of town for the weekend). Yes ... I ate cake. It was yummy. The white cake is my favorite ... and it is gone, so at least it won't be around tempting me anymore.

I was fine Friday ... got in my Zumba and elliptical and continued working on the room rearrange that has been occupying the last several days (and getting me lots of non-aerobic steps and stairs!). As I went to bed that night, I felt that little tickle in my throat ...

I've caught a cold. :(

Hubs has been under the weather, and I was really hoping it wouldn't pass to anyone else. Alas. It was a bad night. I didn't get much sleep at all. Saturday I was still able to get all the things done I needed (grocery shopping, a basketball game, continued clean up) but I wasn't feeling great. I didn't do any exercise ... and although I wasn't super hungry, I did still manage to eat plenty (unlike my sickness a little over a year ago. Flu x2). Another bad sleep night, and no exercise on Sunday either.

Really hoping I can kick this cold and not have it impact my exercise. I remember when hubby came down with it a week or so ago, he tried to continue to workout, but said it was really hard. Not the normal enjoyable runs and whatnot. 

Weight was actually NOT up after the weekend, so that's good at least.

That was MY weekend. How was yours? Linking up with MIMM.

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  1. Hope you get over your cold soon!
    I caught a bad one a few weeks ago, and it really took a lot out of me, even when I felt better, I still found my body was super weak to workout, it took a long time to get that out of my system. Hope you have a much faster recovery period, there are some nasty bugs going around even with our mild winter:)


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