Thursday, February 26, 2015

To Medicate or Not to Medicate

I've been battling a bug for almost a week now. Last Friday I felt fine, until I went to bed ... then there it was. A tickle in the back of my throat. I do think it's just a bad cold. Sniffly, sore throat, but no fever. The last few days a cough has come in too.

It's nice to have medical options in this day and age. The picture above is from my kitchen counter ... first, I guess you can see I'm a "generic" gal. I don't really care about the name brands (Let's same some money! $$ Thrifty Thursday! *Ü*) I also prefer to treat the individual symptoms ... rather than taking a combo pill, I generally will just hit what I feel I really need. If I'm just stuffy ... just the decongestant. I've had a headache ... and a bit of an earache too. I have been needing to add the ibuprofen and cough medication at times too though.

Sometimes during the day, I try to go without medication. I want to see how I'm really feeling. I don't just want to mask some symptoms if that then makes me continue to push too hard. I want a true judge if I'm feeling better or worse than the day before. At night though ... I want my sleep! So I will usually medicate. Even with it, my sleep lately has been lousy.

I have still been exercising a little, but I have toned it down this week. I tried going without medication Wednesday, but by afternoon I was pretty miserable and went ahead and popped some pills. I did make it through today without them though. Hopefully I'm on the mend.

Hubs had this a week or so before me, and still has some lingering coughs and sniffles. He says the it's really been going through the office at work. I've been trying to be careful to wash hands and such here at home, so the kids don't pick it up ... #3 has been sniffling though.

Just thinking out loud ... do YOU prefer one pill, or do you like to limit it to the specific symptoms? Do you ever try to tough it out without medication, or do you take advantage of modern medicine?

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