Saturday, February 28, 2015

WWI #84 ... As Expected

For the past several weeks I've been alternating. 153 one week. 151 the next. Back up, then back down. I was 153.2 last week so what was I expecting this week? 151.2 ... and that's exactly what I came in at. But for the first time in a while, my Friday weigh-in was NOT the lowest. Back on Wednesday I hit 150.5.  Alas, I couldn't keep it and break the cycle ...

I've been struggling with a cold this past week. Saturday and Sunday weren't great. I had enough warning that I COULD have suspended my PACT commitment for the coming week, but I didn't. So I was still required to get in a daily workout (10,000 steps via Fitbit) and log my calories five days out of the week, even though I was under the weather. I didn't want to have to pay $5 if I missed a day!

I wasn't sure I was up for Zumba on Monday, so I skipped it. I still got in a little elliptical, and quite a few "cleaning" steps trying to finish up the work from the weekend rearranging rooms. I got my 10k that day, but barely hit my required 1200 calories for MFP. I didn't lose my appetite completely like when I had the Flu of 2013, but I wasn't that hungry.

Tuesday I probably would have skipped Zumba, but the instructor was actually out of town and had asked me and another gal to fill in teaching the class. I had the speaker box, so I was committed. The other gal had the music ... but she didn't show! I had several songs on my iphone (as I'm not an official Zumba instructor I didn't have any of the ZIN songs, just ones that I had liked that were available on Itunes) but by repeating a couple songs, we still got in a solid hour. I don't know if it was just the extra energy of being up in front ... but I actually felt pretty good during class. Had a 24k day total, and still wasn't that hungry, so kept calories low.

I think it was the keeping calories low Mon/Tues that caused the weight drop for Wednesday morning. Unfortunately after Zumba Wednesday I was STARVING and I ate and ate! I went to Zumba on Thursday as well, but only got in a little extra exercise both days. My poor "bike book" ... the one I HAD been reading while riding my stationary bike had been ignored (as I didn't get in any bike riding this week or last week). I finally just grabbed it and finished it up reading while resting in bed.

NUMBERS: Down two pounds (up/down/up/down), average went down -.26.  My average intake dropped to 1829, first time it's been under 2000 in I don't know how long. I credit that to my cold rather than any good eating or willpower. My average daily burn was 2626, lower than my usual but about what it was last week (also an off-week with exercise interrupted).  I managed a small deficit (-980) for the week ...

That was my week ... how was yours?

Linking up late with Weigh-In Wednesday ... wish my Wednesday weight HAD made it to Friday!

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