Saturday, February 7, 2015

WWI #81 - New Carpet and Couch

Another week solidly in the 150-155 range. I did bump above it slightly for Monday morning ... but that was the day after Superbowl feasting, so that wasn't unexpected. It was a rather crazy week! #1 is preparing to leave on an LDS mission, and this coming Sunday is his "farewell" (the church has tried to step away from the term, but everyone still uses it). He'll speak in church, and then we'll host an open house afterward, as family and friends have sometimes come from further away. A chance to socialize ... and eat.

I love our house, but it isn't set up super for entertaining large crowds. Also, after 20 years with five active boys, it certainly has been through the ringer. In prep for having people over, hubs decided it was time to take some action.

The top two pictures are the "after" ... new carpet, new couches and chairs. The other pictures capture the process. Emptying furniture out three rooms, pulling up the carpet. New carpet was installed on Tuesday. I still had a great food/fitness day that day, as I really couldn't do much else (with the kitchen and living areas occupied) and I couldn't really get to the kitchen to eat either. I even did a weights session on Tuesday ... which I think ended up making me stiff and sore and impacting my energy for cardio the rest of the week. Still did double Zumba on Thursday.

So there has been a ton of work, moving, rearranging, cleaning. We've made a trip to the dump, and a couple truckloads of donations to the local goodwill. Daddy is putting the boys to work cleaning up the house and yard ... the weather has actually been so nice. Is this winter? There hasn't been much snow or cold, which it totally okay by me! Tomorrow the forecast is 60° and sunny, so we should be able to have people outside, which will help with crowding.

It will be such a relief to have Sunday over with. It's been stressful. Then we have our son for another week and a half before he actually leaves. Once he leaves ... we'll have chaos and change again as we rearrange the remaining four boys, shifting bedrooms for everyone. It will be a bit job, but will be a good change.

I'm dragging and feeling a bit burned out at the moment though.
Some stress eating. The urge to curl in a fetal position. 

As for actual numbers this week ... no loss. Up 1.7 pounds. Average was up a smidgen too. Crunching the numbers, I did actually have a deficit of -1829.  Average in was 2136. Average burn 2764.

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  1. I am enjoying reading about your weight loss journey. Keep up the good work; you will soon reap the benefits of all of your hard word. Once your stress level decreases, you will most likely see the results you want. Having a child leave the nest will no doubt cause added stress and maybe even lead to emotional eating.

    Irwin Hearn @ ACDC Cleaning


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