Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TV Tuesday - Aliens, Spies and Shopping in Old England

I've been getting in my exercise ... which means I've been getting in my television. They go together for me. I watch while on the elliptical, treadmill and even while doing weights (benefit of a home gym, being in complete control of the TV). Here are a few of the series I've seen this past month. I like variety!

I've always really enjoyed science fiction. The apocalypse tales so popular in fiction today are also fun to watch (well, maybe "fun" isn't the right word ... exciting, captivating). Falling Skies started a couple of years ago on TNT. It was one of those summer series, filling up those months with new programing when most of the networks are taking a break and airing reruns. I discovered Falling Skies when season 1 appeared on Amazon Prime's streaming. I think I caught season 2 there as well, then used Play On to stay up to date as Season 3 aired. Rather than recording and watching week to week as Season 4 started airing last summer, I just figured I'd be patient and wait (watch the episodes back to back AND have subtitles, needed for the noisy treadmill). When I noticed that Season 4 was available for streaming on prime ... it was time. I finished it up pretty quick and continue to enjoy this series.

I'd heard quite a few good things about "The Americans" (FX Original) so as I needed something new to watch, I figured I'd give it a try. I've liked Kerri Russel since her "Felicity" days. I do sometimes have trouble with 80's period pieces though. The clothes, the hair ... seriously, it's just hard to look at! But I do like the story. As with most cable programming, there are usually things that wouldn't be allowed on mainstream TV. Here, the sexual content is very high. There is violence, but it's not that bad, and there is no language. I watched Season 1, available on Amazon Prime Streaming. Season 2 is there, but I decided to wait, and switch styles in my series ...

I'm not all action and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed "Downton Abby" and after watching it, I tried "The Paradise" which was about a lavish department store in early England. It was fine, I never really connected with the characters as I did on "Abby".   "Mr. Selfridge" seemed SO similar to "Paradise" I wasn't sure about watching it. I do like Jeremy Pivan though (from Entourage) and I really enjoyed this series. I've only watched Season 1 so far (finished it up this morning). It's available on Amazon for free streaming if you are a Prime member. Season 2 is available as well ... but again, I think perhaps I'll shift series again and come back to it in the near future.

If you are watching a series and the next season is available, do you continue on, or do you like to switch up what you are watching?  Do you like coming into a completed season, watching all the episodes back to back, or do you prefer to keep current and watch then as they air?

I have watched the latest Grey's Anatomy ... what other series have started back up?

Well that's TV Tuesday for February ... hmmm, what shall I watch this month?

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