Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Family Photos and Steps from Mexico

I'm a snapshot kind of girl. I take a ton of pictures, but I had NEVER set up a "professional" family photo shoot. Oh, I've been in them before, when extended family have made the arrangements. With our oldest boy heading off to Mexico for two years, Hubs and I figured we should get in some family photos before #1 left. So on a rather chilly day in February, we did just that. I got the photos back yesterday *Ü*

I had to update my Facebook of course ...

Here's a couple more fun ones ...

 Aren't my boys cute?

It's so nice having these pictures, especially with #1 feeling so far away. He's doing good, and we get to exchange emails once a week. A couple of months before he left, we got him the new Fitbit Charge. He had given up on the Flex, and had been wearing a Zip, but wanted to try the latest gadget. But with his mission to Mexico, we were pretty sure he wouldn't be able to sync regularly (and the missionaries are advised to not wear expensive gadgets) ... so he ended up leaving it home (much to the delight of #4, who is now wearing said Charge and loving it). 

Being the pedometer person I am, I REALLY wanted to get step counts from my son while he was gone. While I would have really preferred the Fitbit, being able to log onto his account and "see" his steps, I told him I'd be content with a daily step total once a week. I got him an inexpensive clip pedometer, and he's been a good son, giving me an accounting of his steps in our weekly email. When I get his steps, I manually enter them into Fitbit, thus keeping him competitive with the rest of the family. 

I've really been impressed at how active they have kept him! Right now, he's in the Mexico Missionary Training Center. Learning Spanish, and the missionary discussions. But apparently there is gym time too, basketball and volleyball. There have only been a few days he's been under 10K. His current high is 24K.  

In the snag above ... of course I'm #1 *Ü*  I was a little surprised that my #2 son wasn't on there (I mean, the 9-year old is beating the 16 year old?) I told #2 to make sure he was syncing and up to date, and he admitted now that basketball season was over, his steps and stats had really fallen. 

The next week, #1 sons steps weren't quite as high, but it is fun to see where he stands among his Fitbit family and friends, even though he isn't even around right now. It's silly, but this little connection makes me feel closer to him.

Much of missionary work is walking around knocking on doors and such, so it will be interesting to see how his steps adjust when he leaves the MTC and is out in the field.

Of course ... I set up ANOTHER blog to keep track of HIS journey.

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