Monday, March 2, 2015

Zumba Stats - February 2015

What was Zumba like in February? I started out strong, and ended up sick. I also misplaced my Polar FT4 HRM watch (not that it had been working all that great anyway). I just went without it the last week, and while I missed it's feedback and motivation, I didn't miss the uncomfortable chest strap, and the distraction and frustration it often brings when it isn't working correctly. I have since found the missing watch ... but not before I invested in another HRM I'd been keeping my eye on. The Fitbit Charge HR. I only wore it once for Zumba in February (that last Friday) but so far I like it! It gives me some interesting stats and graphs. I may add a couple columns to my stacked stat list.

You can see I was able to hit some highs ... readings of over 500 on the Fitbit, over 8000 steps for a class (Thanks Southziders!) I had a really hard day (Friday the 13th) when I tried a Zumba class, but left early as I just wasn't feeling it (that was a first).  I hit double Zumba on Thursdays several times, and that evening class has really grown (I think there is a demand for nights).  I've been leading a few more songs in several of the classes, and even lead an entire class (Tues Feb 24) when the instructor was on vacation! I still do NOT plan on becoming an instructor ever (A Zumba Instructor?) but it's nice to be able to help out and give back a little. I do think I get a higher heart rate and burn when I'm up front ... but I also like to be just one of the crowd following along.

Unfortunately I'm missing my Zumba the first Monday of March ... I'm still feeling sick (my poor nose is as red as Rudolf) and #4 is home sick from school. I'm trying to get a little Zumba on by myself at home, but it's harder to get the motivation up on my own. Love my Zumba classes!


 Marian's Thursday Night


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