Saturday, March 7, 2015

WWI #85 ... 152?

I was hitting 151 consistently for a few days before weigh-in, and I wondered if it would stay for Friday, not jump to 153, as it has been (alternating between 151 & 153) for the past several weeks. Not quite ... but not up to 153 either! Maybe I've broken the either/or trend! One of these weeks, I'm GOING to be under 150 again! But this last week ... kids were home, schedule was a bit off. I think I'm pretty much over the cold, but still struggling with a sore nose.  I just didn't care that much this week. I never even posted a weekend recap on Monday ...
  • Saturday: Busy with basketball. My boy actually only had two games, but then he wanted to watch some others, which required additional driving around. Got in some grocery shopping and stuff around the house, and hubs even suggested a date. A what? It's been a while. We went to Red Robin. I only got in 20 min of exercise (on the elliptical). 
  • Sunday: Rest day. No Exercise. Church in the morning and a family party in the evening. #4 concluded the festivities by throwing up all over Grandma's kitchen.
  • Monday: #4 hadn't thrown up all night but wasn't sure he felt well enough for school. I let him stay home (which meant I missed my Zumba class) and we did a little homeschooling.  I DID still get my Zumba on (on my own, two 30min sessions) and got in 30min elliptical. I really kept calories in check too (1600, that is LOW for me!)
  • Tuesday: Hit with a snowstorm! Glad I didn't really have anywhere to be other than getting kids to school and close Zumba.  #2 was out of school today but just hung around home. I got in two 20min sessions on the elliptical ... my first full 20 minutes since I'd been sick (I'd only been doing little 10 minute spots for the past week and a half). I hit the treadmill for the first time in a while, tried a little jogging, a little at incline, but spent most of the 30 minutes just at an easy walk. Kept calories in check (1800).
  • Wednesday: Zumba in the morning, 30min elliptical, and then I did some walking the hallways while waiting between games for #3 in the evening (he played at 6:00 and 8:00 so we had an hour to kill in between). #2 was out of school again (for PT conferences) and I ended up running him around a bit during the day. Also had PT conferences for #3 at 4:00.
  • Thursday: Zumba in the morning. 30min elliptical during the day. Zumba in the evening (great class/great numbers!). I had to remember it was early out for the elementary. #3 had me drive him to a friend's house (there are NO kids his age in our neighborhood). Calories got a little out of control today ... I blame girl scout cookies and ice cream!

NUMBERS: My average intake for the week was 2114. My average daily burn was 2600.  Crunching the ins and outs of the days, I did have a deficit for the week, but just a tiny one (-265). I'd like to get back into my different workouts ... back to the bike, a return to racquetball, I know I need to keep weight training as part of the routine, but I haven't done it for a while! As always, I know it's the eating ... I just really enjoy eating.

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