Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Books the Boys are Reading

My boys aren't really readers. Despite seeing how much their mommy LOVES reading, they really only do it because it's a requirement from school. Occasionally, a book or series will click with one of them, and I love to see that! For this month's "Recent Reads" topic, I thought I'd share some of the  books the boys have read and liked.

Just a couple weeks ago, #4 asked me if we had the book "Hatchet". We do. I have read it, and I remember #2 and #3 mustering through. I actually enjoyed it enough that I went on to read two of the sequels (there are five I believe, and I have them all in my personal library).  I pulled out "Hatchet" and #4 surprised me by reading the entire thing very quickly (it isn't a big book, but still). He was interested in reading the sequels too!

Hatchet is a pretty well known book. #4 did NOT want spoilers before he read it, and was mad I mentioned a plane crash and survival skills. Although, if you read the blurb on back, you are going to get that much!

Now, technically, "The River" is book two. It was written second ... but I recommend reading "Brian's Winter" as book 2. Now ... this IS a spoiler, if you haven't read this series. At the end of book 1, Brian gets rescued. I've never heard of an author doing this before, but he decided to write another book as if Brian had NOT gotten rescued as written, but had to survive the winter (and THEN make it back to civilization).  So that is "Brian's Winter" and in my opinion, it should be read before "The River" (which chronologically happens a couple years later).

I really liked the Brian series. Apparently #4 does too. In addition to reading, he made cute matching bookmarks (he has done this in the past with some other books too). I've been so happy to see him reading and actually enjoying it!

#3 has been reading the Swindle series. I remember I bought the first book for son #2 at a school book fair. I'm not sure if he ever even read it. Then #3 needed a book for school and picked Swindle from the bookshelf (this is why I love having a home library). It was quick and easy for him to get through and he asked for the 2nd, then the 3rd, 4th and is currently reading the 5th one.

He had been enjoying the Percy Jackson series and the Micheal Vey books (but then was required to read a "realistic fiction" thus the switch to Swindle). The other series I'll always remember impacting #3 was the Origami Yoda series. #3 has always been a Star Wars fan, so grabbing the first book for him to try was really a no-brainer. The story itself was fine (I did read it myself, as I like to do to see what the boys are reading), but it was the actual origami that intrigued my boy (as you can see in the picture above). There is a fifth book out now ...

Even my munchkin has seemed to enjoy his recent reading. Each month his 3rd grade class needs to read a specific genre (realistic, fantasy, biography, historical fiction) and this month it was "fairy or tall tales" ... hmmm, that was a little bit harder. I showed him a book from the Myth-O-Mania series (I figured myths were similar to fairy tales and tall tales, the same stories passed down from generation to generation) and got the ok from the teacher, so he's been reading "Have a Hot Time Hades".  I read this (and some of the others) a while back. They have a very conversational tone and a lot of humor (here, Hades is explaining that he's really a good guy and Zeus is really quite the dunce). I've always enjoyed mythology, and while these take a slightly different approach than the more traditional fare, the basic mythology facts are still there for the kids to learn. I also turned on Disney's "Hercules" so #5 could get another view of how Hades is most often represented (as the bad guy).

I'm always on the lookout for book for my boys. I realize they may not be interested in the same books I loved as a child (Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, The Witch of Blackbird Pond ... although #3 did read that for school, and when #4 finishes the Hatchet series I think I'll recommend Island of the Blue Dolphins to him). I do fall a little into the thought trap of "oh this book's main character is a girl, the boys won't want to read it" ... Shannon Hale, author of the Princess Academy books and more, wrote on this topic and it was good to read. Shannon Hale's No Boys Allowed?

Personally, I haven't been reading quite as much. I haven't done any reading and riding in several weeks. I was just so busy (still got in my Zumba and Elliptical, but no the bike), then got sick, and I've just lacked motivation. I've done some regular reading, but I need to get back to it on the stationary bike. Check back next month (second Tuesday) for my recent reads!

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