Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Fitness Rewards

I've posted several times about the many fitness rewards programs out there. As I continue on with the programs, I still want to share some of the great deals Ive been getting! You can get them too.

A while ago, I got an email from Acheivemint. This was just a general email to all the members asking if I'd like to participate in a little extra earning program. I went ahead and said yes (on my account only, I didn't bother with the Hubs or the boy's accounts). As a participation prize, I received an Amazon giftcard for a little over $4. The purpose was to purchase a sport wristband, but I supposed the credit could have been used on anything. I did go ahead and get the wristband, as I thought my dad might like it (he wears his Fitbit One in the sleep wristband all day long). My parents (also being signed up for Acheivemint) had also replied to the email, received the credit and ordered the wristband. So now Dad has two ... (of course last time I saw him he still just had the sleep band on! Silly Daddy!) Achievemint also offered some extra points for sending in fitness selfies ... I did it a couple times. Not sure if they were going to actually use them for anything, but I got 200 points for each (limit of one per day for a short period of time).

Generally, I don't think too much about Achievemint. I'm just slowly but steadily earning  points, getting to my next $50 payout (I've already earned a couple!).  I did hear back from my sister that at this point, Achievemint is only accepting applications for the waiting list. But go ahead and apply NOW! This is a great program!

Fitstudio is the fitness reward program associated with Kmart/Sears. Can I express how much I ♥ this program? *** UPDATE: This program has now been discontinued (Farewell Fitstudio). I mean what's not to love, free store credit! I have my account, Hubs has an account, the older boys have an account and my parents do too (they don't get to the store, so my mom tells me to go ahead and use their points ... and I do! Gifts from Grandma!) Seriously, sometimes I feel guilty I've gotten such great deals (walking away with free stuff is a pretty good deal!)

The other day, my son needed (NEEDED) a pink (PINK?) tie. Because said son had $6 credit earned in his Fitstudio account, I figured we could put that toward a tie. Sears is close by, but unfortunately ties are still around $30. Ouch. Except there was a pink tie on clearance. How much? $3. I bought two ties (as I have multiple sons!) What a deal! My younger son NEEDED (the emphasis comes from the kids, not me!) a new  basketball. With our Fitstudio points, and $5 in surprise points off a sporting goods purchase ... free basketball. The boys have picked up more shoes and clothes than I would normally buy them, because I'm not really spending much money.  I  have to laugh a little, as the cashier who checked me out regularly went out and bought a Fitbit and signed up for this program after seeing me in the store each week! Thank you FitStudio!

Now FitStudio does require some pretty active followup. I need to check and see how many points I have, when they expire (and they do expire quickly, use them or lose them), if I have any surprise points ... but the small effort is certainly worth the return!

Walgreens has a Balance Rewards program you can sync up to and forget about ... until it's time to redeem those rewards (My Walgreens Reward Redemption).

PACT is another program that I just do, and don't think about much. I've committed to five workouts and five food logs per week. It's pretty much a no brainer, I always get my exercise in Mon-Fri (often on Sat and Sun too, but I'm not committing just in case). I always record my food (but just give myself that leeway in case). I redeemed my rewards at the end of 2014, so my current earnings total is this year so far.

I've never had to pay out anything to Pact ... but with my dang Fitbit giving me issues yesterday/today, it actually does have me a little stressed. I've worked out today, that little bubble should be filled in! But my Fitbit isn't syncing, so while my device shows my steps, the actual online Fitbit record (which Pact connects to for authorization) does not. I do have a ticket into Fitbit customer service, I'd rather not have to deal with Pact customer service (I did my workout, I really did! It's Fitbit's fault!), so we'll see what happens. I may need to take a little PACT break until a get this resolved.

So there's just a little peek at the programs I've been using lately that have been making feel a bit thrifty! Check them out ... and check back for more Thrifty Thursdays!

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