Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Yearlong Pact

 It was January of last year when I started the PACT program. I posted about it on this blog after I'd used it for a couple of months and redeemed my first "paycheck" (Pact and Paydays). Now that an entire year has passed, I thought I'd give a summary of my year with Pact.

When I first started last year, I committed to six days a week of exercise (10,000 steps via Fitbit, other options are available), and six days of food logging via My Fitness Pal. There were a few days I didn't hit 10k in steps, or forgot to log a meal ... but that's why I didn't commit to seven days a week. That day off gave me a little bit of leeway. If I had missed a day, I was under a little pressure to get in my workout on a Sunday, when I might have taken it easy otherwise.  I was already big fans of Fitbit and MFP and I was achieving my Pact goals already, and everything would sync automatically. In all of 2014, I never had to pay Pact once.

In July there was talk of a Lake Powell trip ... as it would be without wifi, I put my Pact on hold for that week. I had no trouble scheduling my "break" or resuming my routine. I lost a little motivation the last couple months of the year and I dropped my commitment from six days to five, and then to four. With the holidays here, I cut back my food logging a day too, just in case I didn't get around to it with all the busyness. 

After my initial withdrawals of $10 and $21.54 ... I planned and waiting until I hit $50 and then getting "paid". I just never got around to requesting another transfer to my Paypal account. I then decided to wait until the end of the year. $81.84. So that was $113.38 for the year.

I could have earned a bit more if I joined in the "Veggie Pact" option (but then again, I probably would have ended up paying out for that one!). I debated it, but never did join in ... it just seemed to be too much work (taking pictures), not definite (other users have to vote them up or down) and full of too much drama (cheaters). I just stuck with the fitness and food pact ... easy peasy.

My workout would usually sync to Pact very shortly after I hit my 10,000 steps (often in the morning after Zumba, but a couple of times I was getting in a few more steps just to hit that number before heading to bed). Luckily Pact doesn't penalize you for going OVER calories on the food logging ... just as long as the minimum 1,200 calories was logged over three different meals throughout the day.

I never had a problem with not getting credit for something. I never got sick or had unexpected items come up keeping me from completing my Pacts. I never had to contact customer service. I was never erroneously charged. My payout came shortly after it was requested. So all in all, a very positive experience for me.

For many, the motivation comes more from the risk of having to pay out ($5 per missed commitment). I did enjoy watching my money SLOWLY add up through the year ... and now I can buy me something fun!

Back to the routine ... 
I have changed my commitment to five days of food/fitness tracking.
My "earnings" are now back to zero.


  1. Great job last year on your PACT. I was be stressed too much for that app. I have a Fitbit now and LOVE IT. Don't know what took me so long. #wowlinkup

  2. I have never heard of the that PACT, This would be a great tool to mention to my clients or students. #wowlinkup

  3. Great job! I have never heard of PACT but this would be a great motivation tool #wowlinkup


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