Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cold Weather Wear

Spring has sprung according to the almanac, but we had quite the snow storm yesterday! Still plenty of chilly weather. Reflecting on this past winter, I realized that I'd added several new jackets to my wardrobe. Most all of the thin, fitness variety. Ones I take off at Zumba, and then tie around my waist. That's almost as important as it's regular use, right?

I'm always a little late with new fashion trends. The pullovers with the thumb-holes have been around for a while, but I only invested in them this year. I do like the look, and it does keep the sleeves in place, but it makes washing hands or looking at my Fitbit ChargeHR (on my wrist) a bit of a pain.

Do you like the sleeves with thumb-holes?
Do you prefer pullover or zip-up?
Do you want a jacket with or without a hoodie?

I'm never outside for long periods of time (no skiing or sledding, just the occasional snow shoveling duty, which warms you up pretty fast anyway) so I pretty much got away with just jackets this whole winter. I'm not sure if I ever put on a coat. The kids are worse than me! Just jackets! I was reading a newspaper article about schools trying to gather donations of coats, boots, hats and gloves for the poor kids that came to school without them. MY children have them ... they refuse to wear them! Then did finally consent to gloves during the coldest days.

I bought this DARLING hat for #4. I mean it matches his Terra Linda Tigers school jacket perfectly and it would keep his ears warm. Why won't he wear it? Why?  (I figured this would be hit or miss, although I did see plenty of kids wearing this type of animal hat at his school). I bought a couple bear ones too (the high school mascot is the Grizzly) but the bigger boys also turned their noses up at them.

I picked up these jackets recently for quite the steal (less than $6 each!). I don't know what the CB stands for exactly ... but it's the initials of both my little boys! They like them. The boys and I ... no coats, but several cute jackets!

#5 has at least been wearing long pants during the winter months. He likes joggers. He pretty much lives in compression shirts up top.  #4 ... he participated in a school Shakespeare play a while back. During the play, they had to wear tights or leggings as part of their costume. Thus were leggings discovered. Boys wear them quite a bit in basketball (an extra little layer of protection for the skin when they go down) ... but they can also be popular for everyday. My 12-year old wears them EVERY DAY now, making it possible to continue to wear his shorts all winter. Even as there have been warmer days, he's a little unsure about going back to "just shorts" ... he says he feels a bit naked.  We'll see what happens when it really warms up! Here's hoping!

What are your cold weather clothing trends?

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  1. I like the thumb holes! I prefer zip ups and hoods! :-)


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