Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Recent Reads - Multiple Books ... In Space

When I was a little girl ... I loved to read. My mother would sometimes take my book away and tell me to go outside and play. Generally, I had more than one book going. Several stashed various places in my room. If Mom took one away, I'd just pick up another.

Now, I'm a middle-aged woman ... and I still love to read. But unlike my childhood self, I do prefer to start ONE book and finish that book before beginning another. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out. Why not you ask?  A few years ago, I converted to digital, and it opened new worlds (and libraries) to me. I always have to have a book on my Iphone, I have it with me all the time (not true for a big, bulky physical book).  As an Amazon Prime member, I can borrow a book each month, but said book can only be read on the Kindle itself (not on my Iphone app). Just a month or so ago, I finally adapted to audio, which adds extra "reading" possibilities; while driving, cleaning the house, etc. Having these different devices, various ways to read, has made it so that I often have more than one book going at a time.

Today, I finished two books.  Both were the final books in their series. Both took place in space (one in a completely different star system, one on Earth's moon). Both series had a different "power couple" for each book, with everyone coming together in the end. I really enjoyed both series.

I started The Lunar Chronicles back in August of 2013 (thanks Good Reads for keeping track of my books) and read Scarlet right after. Then I had to wait ... as Cress hadn't come out yet. I read it May 2014 and then had to wait (until now) for Winter. It's the first time in my life I've ever said "I'm looking forward to Winter". I'm not a fan of fairy tales, so I wasn't sure this series would be one I'd enjoy. Just another "Cinderella" story ... well this wasn't. I wasn't very happy when I realized book 2 was shifting focus, rather than continuing on with the Cinder story. But while new characters were introduced (Scarlet and Wolf ... a Red Riding Hood theme), Cinder was still very present, as was her storyline. Cress, if you can't tell from the cover, introduces a "Rapunzel" based character, and Winter ... is the Snow White tale. All of this is in a distant future with androids and cyborgs and life on the moon, mystical mental abilities and more. Very entertaining, and the series is complete, so you can read all the books back to back. There are several novellas to give additional insight and background as well. Two thumbs up!

Winter was my "iphone" book ... and even at 800+ pages, it felt like a quick read!

I feel like I stumbled upon the "Starbound" series. It came across one of my "free/cheap" digital booklist emails, offering the first book in the series "These Broken Stars" for 99¢. That is a good price for a book (one that retails for $10 physical, $4.50 for Kindle) and I even had some Amazon credit (for taking no rush shipping instead of the 2-day prime). I hadn't heard of it, none of my friends had read it ... but it had good reviews. I bought it, read it, loved it. LOVED it.  It had been a while since I'd had a story consume me. One where I connected with the characters and was sad when the book ended. I rated this one 5 stars. My library had the next two books in audio format ... but audio? Uggg.  I went ahead and purchased the second book (for the full $10 price too!). Although the characters from the first book made brief appearances in book 2, it wasn't a continuation of their story. I still liked it, but not as much. I was attempting audio at this point, so instead of purchasing the final book in the trilogy, I put it on hold at the library. I actually enjoyed it as audio. The readers (especially the guy) really added personality in their voice. Again, it wasn't quite the same magic as the first book. There were times in book 2 and 3 I felt like I was pushing through a bit. A touch confused at some things. But in the end ... it was a very complete and satisfying ending. Ahhhh again.

I still have a book on my Kindle that I'm close to finishing. I'll be adding another audiobook, and of course one on my Kindle app on my Iphone. I'm not reading a physical book right now, but that would be another format, it's own style with it's own reading requirements.

Sometimes, it's a little hard to keep all my stories straight in my head.
Check back next month for more Recent Reads. *Ü*

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  1. I keep thinking I need to try an audio book....I think it would be awesome to run and listen to a book. I just haven't got the gumption to do it yet....I'm a reader...I like the words in front of me. :-)


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