Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #139

This was just a strange week ... didn't fit into the usual patterns. Friday started great, as I did an hour of Zumba on my own! It's hard to get the motivation without a gym of people. But then ... only 40min elliptical. There was a 5k on Saturday that I'd been considering ... but I wimped out and didn't go, but I loved that my kids did it! It inspired me to do a treadmill 5k on Sunday myself. Monday started good ... ended bad. While a Meniers attack (if you don't know that that is, I'll talk a bit about it in an upcoming post) certainly affects Hubby more, it does really impact me as well. Dragging on Tuesday, and then I'll admit I looked at the week, Spring Break, Easter festivities and said  "I'm just gonna let this week go" ...

NUMBERS: Up .7 for the official weekly weigh-in, average went down -.97 (163.07). Average intake was 2579 (how can she eat so much you ask? Empty calories!) Average daily burn was 2639. Crunching the numbers, that equaled an overage of 1157 for the week.   FITNESS: Step average was 19150, 723 active minutes, 105 min spent on strength training, and 69.45 miles. I got in my Zumba five days, got in my hour of elliptical most days, had some treadmill time this week, but NO bike. FOOD: Bad, bad, bad. Easter candy, ice cream ... I even bought donuts on Thursday. Bad! FAMILY: The 5k. Hubs had two derbies. Spring Break. Here's a quick look at the day to day ...

  • Friday (0318):  Slept in, but did Zumba on my own today! Only 40min elliptical. Indulged in some pizza, but also sugary empty calories.
  • Saturday (0319): Hubs and two of the boys ran a 5k. I should have, I wimped out. Just 40min on the elliptical. Overate on empty calories, and then out to dinner with Hubs.
  • Sunday (0320): Lazy morning, but decided to get moving in the afternoon. Did a treadmill 5k, and 30min on the bike. Unfortunately still over on calories (Sunday breakfast and too many treats). 
  • Monday (0321): Up early. Hour of elliptical, Zumba and WEIGHTS. A little Easter shopping too. Hubs had a Meniers attack in the evening which was a downer for the day.
  • Tuesday (0322): Not up early, Hubs and #2 slept in as well. Got in an hour of elliptical and Zumba, but that was all. TV repairman came. Uber over on eating!
  • Wednesday (0323): Up early again. Hour of elliptical and Zumba, plus some errands. Got in WEIGHTS again. Early out at the elementary. Hubs and #3 had a derby in the evening.
  • Thursday (0324): Spring break for the kids, so some sleeping in, then off to Zumba. Still got in my hour of elliptical during the day. Hubs and #3 had another derby in the evening.
I don't really have any new pictures to share ... I took some, but already featured them in my recent posts (5k photos, and the boys in their new jackets), but here's a couple of the kids trying out Snapchat's faceswap app ... much laughter as these pictures were taken!

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