Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TV Troubles - March Movies

Does your television turn on when you push the power button? Yes? Ours doesn't. It started happening several months ago. If the TV in the family room was turned off, we couldn't turn it back on. At least not easily. If I unlugged it for a bit, and tried again (sometimes again and again) I'd eventually get it to turn back on. So ... we never turned the television off. I mean, we didn't leave on a channel blaring sound and picture; we'd change the source to our Roku box, with a default "clock" screen saver.

But even if you remember to not accidentally push the "off" button (which happened), there were times the power would go out, and eventually, the TV just started turning itself off. I did a Google search and did find that "Samsung/TV won't turn on" did have several hits, a problem with a part that could be repaired. Often under warranty from the TV, or we had purchased a warranty from Best Buy (this not being our first time with TV troubles). 

Having the television not working actually wasn't as big a deal as I would have thought. I personally don't ever watch on the family room TV (my gym TV now, THAT would be a different story!). Hubs doesn't either. It's just the kids. But they didn't even complain much. We do have a couple other televisions, but the family room is the only one connected to the Comcast box, the only one you can watch "live" programming on (the others are limited to Netflix, Amazon, PlayOn and other apps). So ... Jazz games, and I'm really glad the television was working last week when #2 and the high school basketball team was playing in the state finals (broadcast on a local kjzz channel).

We had a repairman from BestBuy come check it out on Saturday. He's ordering a part and will come back next Tuesday. Hopefully we'll get a little "on" time between now and then. I think the family room television was off for three days straight last week (before one of the times it worked). I think everyone was in bed by 9:00 those night ... I remember Hubby remarking "is this because the TV is out?"

Let me tell you though, the boys and their indoor basketball ... that has taken TVs place.
And it's loud!

  How would your family react to a television not working?

We do have a television in the master, and while I can't remember the last time Hubs and I watched a movie together, this past week ... we watched FOUR of them. Not sure what prompted it. We only indulged in popcorn for one viewing. Quite the range of feature films ...

  • The Imitation Game: Hubs had seen this on a plane during on of his travels. He wanted to watch it again, and thought I'd like it. I wasn't sold immediately, but it was good. We watched this via Amazon and our Showtime subscription.
  • Kingsman: Another Hubs pick.  I was REALLY not sure about this one. It had a MIB feel ... both the experienced secret service man picking a young unknown to train, and the over-the-top silliness of stuff (the gal with the artificial legs that sliced a man in two). I ended up liking it ok. It is very deserving of the R rating, for violence, gore and language ... and a little sexual content there at the end. We watched this via HBOGo.
  • The Intern: My pick. Heard a lot of good things about it, and it delivered. This was also the movie we indulged in Hubs yummy popcorn.  Redbox.
  • Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Other than the second MI, I like the Mission Impossible films. As we watched in bed, we joked that we SHOULD be watching together in the gym. Plenty of adrenaline pumping scenes, which is what I like to work out to. I can be lazy and watch in bed just fine too though. Redbox.
Hubs HAD been going to get SPY before changing his mind, and grabbing MI. I'm glad, as I just noticed that "Spy" is available on HBOGo.  Sometimes I forget to even check these other options for movies! I'm also VERY behind on movies. The only one I saw in theaters this past year, was the new Star Wars. I'm pretty content to wait until it hits DVD or a streaming service. I like watching in the comfort of home ... and I LOVE having captions! But I've tended toward television series while I workout, so movies only happen when Hubs and I settle in. Like we did this weekend. Movie marathon!

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  1. It's amazing how life changes without the tv on isn't it?


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