Thursday, March 3, 2016

Second Opinions w/Scosche

A spotlight on the Scosche RHYTHM plus Heart Rate Monitor Armband

I'm a gadget girl ... and I also like second opinions on any of my stat estimates.  When I updated my basic pedometer for a Fitbit, I still wore my old Omron and compared the steps. I finally gave up the Omron when I added the ChargeHR (keeping my One also, so I still have two step/calorie estimates). I was really interested in the ChargeHR, after struggling with a Polar HRM. I loved tracking my heart rate during exercise, but I hated the chest strap. HATED it! I'd put up with it during my Zumba classes, but then it's accuracy seemed to go wonky after a while. There was a huge appeal to Fitbit's ChargeHR. A heartrate reading without a chest strap. After trouble-shooting the Polar (washing the strap, using a lube, changing the battery) I wore both HRMs for a while and loved comparing the stats. They were pretty close much of the time.

I finally gave up on the Polar though, the chest strap was too uncomfortable, I'd have to remember to put the watch on and start it, and manually record the stats. The ChargeHR was so easy ... but I did miss my second opinion. I also missed the constant display (I have to tap or press a button to bring up the heart rate on the ChargeHR).

A friend would post her Zumba stats sometimes, and I was intrigued by what she was using. It was the Scosche RHYTHM plus Heart Rate Monitor Armband. I looked it up on Amazon, and it had really good reviews. So ... Merry Christmas to me.

Double Duty Armband Attack

I started using the Scosche with the New Year. I hadn't realized that in addition to the Scosche, you needed to have an app on your smartphone to collect the data it sends. Upon my friend's recommendation, I went with digifit, which did require the Pro Upgrade ($8) to work with my device. Everything was pretty easy to set up. The Scosche recommended wearing on it on the forearm, but as I already had my ChargeHR there, I tried moving it to my upper arm (as in the picture up top). 

So I'm back to my backup heart rate readings ...
Here's a look at one class comparison. Scosche (top) and ChargeHR (bottom)

I only wear the Scosche for my longer workouts, like Zumba. I did try it out on my elliptical and bike just to see how it compared as well, but just a time or two (and those workouts tend to be quite consistent). It does come in quite a bit higher than my Charge. Even when there isn't as much of a discrepancy between the heart rate, the calorie burn estimate on the Scosche is way over my Fitbit(s). I go with the lower estimates for my calorie counting needs, but it's still interesting to compare and contrast the numbers from class to class and try to beat my own highs on each device.

So while I do like my Scosche, and I don't regret buying it ... I personally would still recommend the Fitbit ChargeHR over it. While the Scosche isn't uncomfortable, it has pinched the skin a few times. I only wear it when I exercise, whereas I leave my ChargeHR on all day (getting not only feedback on heart rate during activity, but also at rest). But I do like my backup. Second opinions and all. I am a gadget girl!

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  1. I am still contemplating getting a fitbit...I know...I'm so behind the times!


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