Saturday, March 19, 2016

WWI #138 - BAD Weekend, Okay Week

This last week ... it was a very bad weekend, but a decent week thereafter. For exercise anyway ... eating? Arrrggg! NUMBERS: Down .6 from last weigh-in (which is still up from the weeks before) but the average increased 1.51 to 164.04. Average Intake was a whopping 2693. Average Burn only 2580. So no deficit, over by 2899 for the week. FOOD: I was AWFUL over the weekend, and high all the other days. I just eat and eat! FITNESS: Bad Fri/Sat/Sun but good all the weekdays, getting in my hour of elliptical, Zumba, and bike plus two sessions of weights! FAMILY: Many movies over the weekend, a church activity and a school activity in the evenings. Here's a quick look at the past week:
  • Friday (0311): Not sure what was wrong with me today, I was feeling OFF. Laid down much of the day. The elementary was out of school, and Hubs took the day off. Only 10minElliptical.  Eating was UBER over. We went out to dinner at Braza Grill with Hubs and my family.
  • Saturday (0312): Feeling a bit better than yesterday. 30min on the elliptical. Again, uber over on eating (ice cream and cookies) ... and then popcorn and a movie(DVD) with Hubs. 
  • Sunday (0313): Daylight Savings. Spring Forward. Just 10minElliptical, but at least I kept eating under control. Still over burn, as it wasn't an active day. Hubs made us a yummy steak dinner.
  • Monday (0314): Back at it! Got up early even with the time change. An hour of elliptical, Zumba, bike and WEIGHTS. Pretty good day.
  • Tuesday (0315): An hour of elliptical, Zumba and bike. Pinewood derby in the evening for #5.
  • Wednesday (0316): Got in early elliptical (80min total for the day), Zumba, bike and WEIGHTS again! Also some shopping steps. Almost 30k day. Even with a great burn, eating was high.
  • Thursday (0317): An hour of elliptical, Zumba and bike. Sophomore orientation over at the high school for #3.
Not a lot of pictures taken this week ... 
here's a video of the highlights from the Pinewood Derby though! 
(Hubs running it, #5 competing in it)

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