Friday, March 4, 2016

WWI #136 - Down a Pound

Well look at that ... there was a shift in the scale. I'm actually a little surprised. Crunching the numbers, it really wasn't a great week, but I'll take it. Just a bit more and hopefully I can bid these 160s goodbye. NUMBERS: Weight went down 1 pound for the official weekly weigh-in, but the average was actually up a touch (to 161.93). Average Daily Intake was up to 2357, Average Daily Burn about the same as the past few weeks, at 2650. That did result in a deficit, albeit a super small one ... -339. 

FITNESS: I got in my hour of elliptical and hour of Zumba in everyday except Sat/Sun. I started the week strong, getting in a couple sessions on the bike, and I did do weights three times this week (30min full body).  Sunday was my rest day. Very low steps.  FOOD: Mint chocolate chip ice cream has been a downfall. One really bad day (Sunday), several high days, only one day under 2000. Not great. FAMILY: Busy with a couple appointments and basketball. Here's a quick recap of the week:

  • Friday (0226): Pretty good day for a Friday. #3 was out of school, so I was able to hit a Zumba class. Also got in my hour of elliptical and weights. In the evening, #5 had a double header. It was downtown so I had to catch a ride. Both games were easy wins for our boys.
  • Saturday (0227): Just 40min on the elliptical, catching up on Grey's Anatomy. #5 had a game at 1:00, and another at 3:00 if they won the first. It was SUCH a close game, we lost by one. The boys were so sad. I dropped #5 off at a friend's house to help distract from the disappointment.
  • Sunday (0228): Hubs stayed super busy today, while I was a completely lazy loafer! Not even 3500 steps! And of course it was a horrible eating day too, uberly over.
  • Monday (0229): Back to routine. Hour of elliptical and Zumba, plus bike and weights. Good day. Still too high on the eating, but I was hungry. Took #3 to the doctor for his cast.
  • Tuesday (0301): Got in Zumba, an hour of elliptical and bike. Busy morning making eggs and taking them to the high school (breakfast before the basketball team headed out) and then in the afternoon taking #3 to the dentist. Nothing much in the evening though. Ahhhh...
  • Wednesday (0302): An hour of elliptical and Zumba for my activity today. I also did weights. In the evening #5 had a game downtown. It was close, but they won and move onto the semi-finals.
  • Thursday (0303): Zumba and hour of elliptical ... and that was all. I should have gotten something else in, but at least I kept calories in check today. In the evening, the high school was playing in the state quarter-finals. #2, #3 and Hubs went to that. I went with #5, who had two games (in different locations). They lost the first, won the second.
 Pictures from the Week ...

#3 and his new cast. I ask for a picture and I get this pose ...

Kinda Twins at Zumba - Matchy Pants

... and a video

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  1. YAY! So glad to see the shift on the scales! You are sooo close to getting out of the 160's!


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