Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I Know Jesse James

TV Tuesday
AMC has provided us with several of our favorite series.  Breaking Bad, The Waking Dead, The Killing, Humans ... just a few Hubs and I have watched. This summer, they came out with a mini-series called "The American West" and guess what? I know Jesse James! 

Back in my high school days, I was quite involved in theater. I performed in the high school shows, and in local productions as well. I was completely comfortable on stage singing and acting (... not dancing though. Luckily characters like Laurie in Oklahoma or Dorothy Brock in 42nd street did not require dancing skills. I still surprise myself with my current love of Zumba with my dance limitations).

A couple of my high school buds kept up the acting ... Dave Stevens was one who did.

I played Dorothy Brock, and he was Julian Marsh in 42nd street, our senior year in high school. Both of our characters were "older" ... you know, say mid-40s or something (hmmm, that's how old we are now!) I remember getting the makeup wrinkles and gray hair for Dave because you know, 40 is OLD.

It was fun to follow the advertisements for AMCs "The American West" and see my old high school buddy on the TV screen. Now admittedly, I haven't actually gotten around to watching the show yet, but I have recorded all the episodes (they have all aired now) and hope to get around to it soon. Even with an hour of elliptical a day, I don't get that much TV Time in. I'm also thinking this might be one to watch with Hubs. We'll see.

Dave has done a lot of other work, but nothing quite so mainstream as AMC. I do recall grabbing a movie DVD from the library for a workout some years ago. "The World's Fastest Indian" which was filmed here in Utah at the salt flats.  But the film location didn't end up being my only connection, as partway through the movie, in just a small part, there was David! He was a security guard or something (it's been a while) and it wasn't a large part, but he was playing opposite Anthony Hopkins. It was completely unexpected and I had to rewind and watch again and say "is that Dave? Yes, yes it is Dave!"

I touched base with him on Facebook after that, and then we ran into each other again at our 20th high school reunion. I hope to "run into" him again on the big screen soon!

Anyone out there caught AMCs "The American West" this summer?

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