Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #161

Happy to have dropped back into the 160s (even if just barely) for this week's weigh-in. The week started off rough ... the weekend was awful (the eating anyway, but then with school starting and the return to the routine, I did good Mon-Thurs. Well, not on eating on Tuesday, not sure what happened that day, but I was uber over and it did show up on the scale (even though I supposedly squeaked in a deficit that day).

NUMBERS: Weight down 1.2 pounds this week! Yea! But the average was up slightly. +.19 to 171.9. Average intake was 2559. Average daily burn was 3037.  With those high four high intake days, I didn't get a deficit, but was over by 410. 45min on weights, 848 cardio minutes. 84.41 exercise miles. FOOD: I did NOT eat any chocolate mint brownies. I have some in my freezer, but I resisted all week! Ice cream indulgence was another matter. There were some other treat temptations too. FITNESS: Not great over the weekend, but GREAT Mon, Tues, Thurs ... Wednesday was wimpy. I even added in some jogging! FAMILY: A wedding reception, a play at Desert Star, a birthday celebration, back to school, Daddy doing derbies again, and a basketball game.

Here's a day by day recap ...
  • Friday (0819): Sophomore orientation at the high school for #3, but I was able to drop him off and still hit Zumba (which I won't be able to do once school starts up officially). Also got in my elliptical and canal walks. I attempted weights in the evening ... but wimped out (unusual, usually I dread getting started but get into it once I do). Hubs and the boys had a "cousin's campout" at Maga's house. Calories in exceeded calories out :(
  • Saturday (0820): Visited my duckies, mowed the lawn, but only two sessions on the elliptical. We had a wedding reception and a play which took up the latter half of the day. Uber over on calories.
  • Sunday (0821): Not quite as bad on calories in today (still high) but also no exercise to offset, so a big overage again. Family birthday gathering in the evening.
  • Monday (0822): First day of school! Had to set the alarm! Able to squeeze in a couple sessions on the elliptical in the morning while getting the boys off to school. Hit Zumba, and shopping steps on the way home. Another elliptical session, plus some treadmill time and reading/riding. Back to school night for the little. Uber active day ... but kept calories in check!
  • Tuesday (0823): Still working on getting the new routine down. Got the kids off, hit Zumba, finished up my elliptical hour plus an extra 20min, did weights, some treadmill time and of course still took a couple walks to the canal to see my ducks (even if I don't write it, I do it every day). Good active day, but ... high intake, just barely under burn. 
  • Wednesday (0824): Dragging a bit today ... Zumba and elliptical only for official exercise. Had to push on both. Did mow the lawn and walk to the canal. Kept calories under 2000 (barely!)
  • Thursday (0825): Zumba, Elliptical, Treadmill and Bike ... I was back! #5 had a basketball game which took up most of the early evening. Kept calories in check again.
 Five Featured Photos ...

 #1 son in Mexico, enjoying the local foods

 The play we went to see Saturday night

Celebrating my SIL with Wacky cake. Yes, I ate some!

A senior, a sophomore and a seventh grader ... 
First day of school on Monday!

My baby back to school on Tuesday ... 5th grade

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