Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ZinCon 2016

At the end of July, ZinCon 2016 was happening in Orlando, Florida. If you didn't know, ZIN stands for Zumba Instructor Network, and Zumba instructors gather from all over to dance, and learn and go a little crazy. A few of my friends headed out this year...

Now, I'm completely content as a Zumba student. I have subbed a class, and I love to help out here and there, but I have no plans to become an instructor myself. It takes a lot of time, talent, dedication, motivation (and money) to get licensed.  I really admire all the instructors out there! Many instructors scrimp and save and plan and dream to get to a convention. Me? You could offer it for free and I'd be too intimidated. Travel, crowds, the unknown ... ummm, no. But I can enjoy it vicariously, and it was really fun to follow my friends on Facebook as they experienced everything.  

There was a lot of sharing ;)

Kristen posted pictures of her packing ...
Zumba Instructors are a colorful lot!

Here's Heather J and Kristen ...
Can you see Kristen's purple hair?
It's not just the clothes that are colorful ;)

 Eleika was there!
Convention craziness in the background!

 Here's a peek from Heather B ...
She hit over 50k on her Fitbit on Saturday (July30)

The attendees get to choose which classes to take, learning new steps and styles, meeting Zumba stars, a little Zumba shopping, and they even had a Zumba Prom!  Now happily (for me), not ALL the Utah instructors took off to convention, so I was still able to get my Zumba fix in while these gals were away. It's fun to see the instructors share what they've learned when they get back!

Here's a little video Zumba Fitness shared ...

 Until next year ... there's always something new around the corner!
Thanks for sharing! *Ü*

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