Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Talking About Bottoms ...

Time for an episode of "What I'm Wearing Wednesday" and today's topic is bottoms. 
The leggings, capris or pants we wear on our lower half.
(...what were YOU thinking I mean by "bottoms"?)

I had to snap the picture above and share it on social media, because me wearing color is quite uncommon. My Zumba buddies commented on me wearing something other than black. They were amazed and shocked (okay, they just said "hey look, pink! It's cute.") What can I say, I struggle with it (Lacking in Color Confidence).  

Here's a quick snapshot of my workout-wear shelf. You can see the above pictured pink bottoms, as well as a couple others ... but the rest? Black. Besides just black being my color choice, and the whole "black is slimming" reasoning (right?) black does not show sweat like grey or other colors. Sweating during exercise is a good thing ... shows you are working, it's cooling your body. Those underarm (or under boob) sweat spots are one things, but butt sweat (and come on, you KNOW it happens) isn't really something I want to show. Black bottoms! My few non-black pieces are light enough and baggy enough that I generally don't have a problem ...but there is a pair of light gray leggings that I'm probably not going to wear again. (Please disregard the stray hair in the picture ... I shed, there is hair everywhere ... it's one of my Pet Peeves!)

Speaking of leggings ... in addition to black for color choice, I'm a big of a baggy gal. I do have several pair of the tighter, more form-fitting bottoms and I'll wear them sometimes. I often run errands on the way home from a Zumba workout (while I'm already out and about, even though I am a sweaty mess) and I'm not comfortable wearing them in public outside of class. I know there was a big "legging" debate a while back, and personally I think leggings are fine ... I'm just not that comfortable in them myself. I pretty much always wear the little "tied jacket" to help cover my butt.  Look ... Leggings

Beyond the baggy vs fitted debate ... the next question for me is POCKETS. I go back and forth on this issue. Pockets make pants look a little more bulky ... which in turn can make YOU look a little more bulky. Pants without pockets look a little slimmer. My "need" for pockets comes and goes. Way back when,  I used a Omron "Pocket"  Pedometer.  It would slip into a pocket, or clip onto pants. Trying to clip it up on my waistband was not good! I needed pockets. When I replaced the Omron with the Fitbit (my One I wear on my bra, my ChargeHR on my wrist), I no longer needed pockets and preferred my workout bottoms without them. In recent months, I've been listening to audiobooks a lot (Attempting Audio) and for that, I need to keep my iphone on me ... and it's easier to slip it into a pocket than to have to hold it (for walks, or cleaning house, etc.) So, now I want pockets in all my bottoms again.

 I was at my local Sam'sClub (W.Jordan, Utah) and stopped to look at their workout wear. They had some cute capris. These Lukka (tag said $68, table price tag said $14.88, but they rang up $11.01) are SO comfortable! Super thin material, parachute pants if you will. Cute gathering on the lower leg (and yes, they have pockets). I went back and picked up another pair.  There was also a GreenTea brand (msrp also $68, posted price $12.88) that are a super soft knit. Again, so comfortable (and they have pockets too).  Of course I bought them both in black, although on my second Lukka pair, I went with a slightly gray/patterned option. I know, I'm going a little crazy pushing the envelope here.

I'll admit ... I pretty much wear my workout wear all the time. I get up and hit a session on the elliptical first thing. Then I have a Zumba class almost every morning. Then during the day, I'll hit the home gym a few more times. I generally have to change my bra/top (sweat rash) but love staying in my comfy capris.

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