Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #159

Another week in the 170s. I'll admit, I was discouraged after the weigh-in last week. I know, it takes more than one week of being good to turn things around, but ... I was down and unmotivated this week. I still got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba most days, because it's habit. Let the eating slip back up again though. NUMBERS: Official weigh-in up .6, but the average was UP (+1.98 to 171.09). Not good, not unexpected, but also not totally justified. Yes I'm overeating. Yes I'm eating crap, you can't out-cardio your calories but still ...  according to the numbers, I had a deficit for the week (-550). Average intake was 2421. Average daily burn 2831. Average steps 23903. 80min of weights, 835 cardio minutes. 75.76 exercise miles. FOOD: Donuts on Saturday, my mint brownies, and other things just adding up. Only one day under 2000. FITNESS: Was a bit of a struggle this week, had to push to get my elliptical hour several days (but still 6 out of 7 days) and Zumba (5 days) wasn't always great. Two times on the bike, two weights sessions. Only one day over 30k/3000.

 Here's a quick peek at the week ...
  • Friday 0805: Had a teenager wanting a late night (so I had to stay active to stay awake *Ü*) ... four 20min sessions on the elliptical, Zumba, bike and weights! A couple walks to the canal too. Kept calories in check too. Good day!
  • Saturday 0806:  Oops ... donuts happened. Hubs picked up TWO dozen from two different places. Not good for calorie intake, and burn wasn't great, with just my hour elliptical for exercise. Did mow the lawn and walk to the canal though.
  • Sunday 0807: Breakfast with the family in the morning, breakfast for dinner with the extended family in the evening (monthly gathering, Welatives&Waffles). Did 20min on the elliptical and a couple walks to the canal. 
  • Monday 0808: Woke a little off. Hard to get into Zumba today. Pushed through my hour of elliptical. Just one visit to the duckies today. Did my first solo stop at Costco.
  • Tuesday 0809: Another off morning, but Zumba helped. Got in my hour of elliptical, bike and weights. Immunizations for #4. Cheese curds and Homemade Oreos pushed calories today.
  • Wednesday 0810: Zumba with MZL and my hour of elliptical. A couple walks to the canal and lawn mow.
  • Thursday 0811: Zumba with MountainView, hour of elliptical and a couple canal walks. Hubs took the older boys (and buddies) to the lake, I took the two littles bowling. 
 *** Five Featured Photos ***

Basketball game (loss) for the boys ...

My walking buddy ... he's playing Pokemon Go

You caught me ... I ate my mint brownies this week.

Hubs took a bunch of big boys to the lake.

I took the little boys bowling.

... one more week of "summer schedule" then school starts up.
Will the change in routine change up anything on the scale?

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