Friday, August 19, 2016

30K Day Fitbit Feature

Ah ... my Fitbit feedback!
I've had my Fitbit for over six years now, and I still love my little step gadget.

I get in a lot of steps. I helps that I'm a SAHM with kids who are a little older (soon to be back in school, and who have their own Fitbits of course! My 12-year old has been know to give me a challenge on steps!) It helps that I have a home gym downstairs (with elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike). For an extra big day ... it "helps" when one of the teenagers wants to stay out late and requires a pick-up. I have to stay active to stay awake (thus was the case for this 38+K day!)

While a 30k day isn't the norm for me, it's also not that unusual.  
People sometimes ask "How do you do it?"
Well ... my Fitbit can show you exactly how I did!
Here's another look at Wednesday (Aug17) from this week ...

I love Fitbit's graphs and charts and the way they visually represent my day. 
I can SEE my day. See my workouts (green spikes) and other activity.
Another view, this is heart rate (via my ChargeHR).
Heart Rate and Steps do seem to go hand in hand!

This list of exercises/activity is the same day as the graphs above. I love to see how they line up!

When I started with Fitbit back in 2010, they only had one device. The Ultra. After a few years, the One, Zip, and Flex were introduced. I upgraded to the One.

When the ChargeHR came out, I really wanted to try it. I wasn't sure about wearing something on my wrist. Hubs was sure it wouldn't last ... but it has. Not that I've given up my One though. I still wear it. I created a second Fitbit account for my ChargeHR, and it is interesting to compare the stats on the two.  In the images above, the one showing steps (and the total step count/calories/active minutes) were pulled from my One account. The heart rate info ... is of course from the ChargeHR, but you can see they coincide (as they should) ... although my ChargeHR step count does come in quite a bit lower (which I think is just MY device). 

One feature I've loved from the ChargeHR (other than the heart rate tracking, obviously! *Ü*) is the auto tracking of exercise. With my One, I have to manually start and stop the timer to track a specific activity (like my Zumba class). When I first got the ChargeHR, I would manually track some of my workouts ... and then there was an update, and the workouts began logging themselves!

My ChargeHR can tell if I'm on a walk, or on the elliptical ... okay, my Zumba just comes in as an "activity" and I do manually change the title there. It's also not good at picking up my biking (I manually updated that as well logs it as a walk, whereas it logs my lawn mowing as "outdoor bike"). I like to compare the ChargeHR tracking of my Zumba class with my manual start/stop on my One (it's usually spot on, although at times a bit shorter if the cool down was long and lacked steps).

I never would have manually tracked all my elliptical workouts, as I do three or more a day. But with the auto-logging, it's been really interesting for me to look and compare them to see which ones come in at a higher cardio level. 

Mon-Friday ... I pretty much always get in my hour of elliptical and a Zumba class. Then depending on the day, my energy, and life ... I'll get in a session on the bike, treadmill or weights. This summer, since the ducks flew the coop, I've been getting a couple walks in every day too. I never know how long my walks will be, because it depends on the ducks. Are they close? Are they all the way at the end of the canal? On this day graphed, I had to walk the entire canal (both sides) ... and I never found them (a first). The little blip (after my run, before my bike ride) was a second, quick walk to the canal where they were waiting for me. Silly duckies! When they were gone, I wondered if my little walks were done ... I guess not quite yet.

I have my rest days ... or lazy days, where I don't even hit 10K too.

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