Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #160

A solid week in the 170s. Depressing. 
Makes me want to go eat a mint brownie. 

I remember (it seems so long ago now) when I'd float around the 150s and be frustrated because I just couldn't drop down into the 140s. I THOUGHT the 150s were my "comfort weight" zone, where I was stuck, and stayed unless I really buckled down. Then it slipped into the 160s ... and stayed there. It's just frustrating, because I don't feel like anything has changed. I'm overeating as always, but also keeping up the activity. If nothing is changing, it seems like the weight shouldn't be changing. Of course I wouldn't lose weight ... but this constant, slow, steady gain. Grrrr.

NUMBERS: Official weigh-in up .3. Average weight for the week up .62 (to 171.71). Average intake for the week 2257. Average daily burn 2978. Supposedly a deficit for the week (-1650). Average steps 25671. 80 min of weights, 899 active minutes, 72.67 exercise miles. FOOD: Just the usual overeating, only one day under 2000. FITNESS: Added a couple treadmill runs(jogs) this week! Hit the bike twice too. Two sessions of weights as well as the usual five Zumba classes. Only hit my hour of elliptical five days though.

Quick week recap:

  • Friday (0812): Got in my elliptical and Zumba and a couple of walks. Not super motivated today. Calories over goal but well under burn.
  • Saturday (0813): Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical (just two 20min sessions) ... again, not feeling super motivated. Did get in a couple canal walks and mowed the lawn. Spent a couple hours watching basketball. Hubs smoked ribs for dinner. Barely kept calories under burn.
  • Sunday (0814): Rest day ... didn't do any exercise. A couple walks to the canal, but didn't even hit 10k in steps. Lemon Jello Cake. Calories in exceeded those out today.
  • Monday (0815): Motivation is back ... elliptical, Zumba, bike and even treadmill! A couple walks, haircut for #3, shopping steps and haystacks for dinner. Calories over goal but well under burn. 
  • Tuesday (0816): Elliptical, Zumba and weights today. Some errands and took the little boys bowling.  Just one walk to the canal today.Tacos and homemade ice cream, but I kept calories under goal (barely!)
  • Wednesday (0817): Whew workouts! Elliptical, Zumba, bike and treadmill! Looong walk at the canal (couldn't find the duckies) in the morning, a second (shorter, found them) one in the evening. Mowed the front lawn. Got in the extra workouts in the evening attempting to stay awake to pick up #3 from a late movie. Over 38k today!
  • Thursday (0818): Dragging just a bit after yesterday. Got in elliptical (an extra session, 80min total) and Zumba. Took #4 over to the middle school to find his locker and map out his route between classes. Quite a bit of walking there! Hubs and the older boys (and friends)  hit the lake. High calories in today, although still under burn.
Five Featured Photos ...

 #4 with an interesting ending position as he bowls ...

Wednesday Zumba with MZL

Our new 7th grader! He's got opening the locker down!

My Fitbit view for Thursday.
That big yellow portion was walking the middle school hallways with #4!
Trying to get him comfortable walking between classes.
Just over 2000 steps for the full route (we did it a few times).

The bigger boys at the lake on Thursday.

School starts this coming week ... back to getting up early! Making lunches, driving carpool, homework help. But also a few hours of alone time during the day. We'll see what the shift in schedules does to the weekly weigh-in (if anything!).  I won't be able to hit a Friday Zumba class (as middle school's late start conflicts with the free classes) but I hope to still get in an hour on my own.

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